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Effects of Imperialism on the Ivory Coast

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Gabriela Warren y Vigil

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Effects of Imperialism on the Ivory Coast

Before (History of Ivory Coast)
Before (Slavery and Europe)
Thank you!
Before (Tribes of Ivory Coast)
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Effects of Imperialism on the Ivory Coast
By Gabriela, Stephanie, and Naadirah
Why was France attracted to the Ivory Coast?
When did France colonize the Ivory Coast?
What conflicts occurred in the Ivory Coast b/w Europeans and Africans?
During (Treatment of Natives)
forced and brutal work
drafted into helping French in WWI
sent to Europe and Americas in unhygienic ships (about 1/4 Africans died)

1904-1958 the Ivory Coast was a part of France without any political rights
At the end of WWII the Ivorians became recognized as French citizens, and had the right to organize politically.
On August 7, 1960, full independence was reached under the leader Felix Houphouët-Boigny
Political, economical, and cultural systems.
The Ivory Coast is a republic, they're presidents name is Alassane Ouattara
Economy is growing after past decades of being politically unstable
Few people believe in gender equality
Social classes are an important part of this society
The family plays a very important role in the Ivory Coast society
Imperialism had a massive negative effect on the Ivory Coast
The armies will rape, and murder while saying that it is for protecting the citizens
After (Culture of Côte d'Ivoire)
August 7th: Independence Day
December 7th: Felix Houphouet Boigny Remembrance Day
38.6% Muslim, 32.8% Christian
, 11.9% indigenous religions
Literacy rate: 66.6% male, 48% female
slavery is still practiced in Ivory Coast today: chocolate slavery
country became military dictatorship, then republic
Krou, Senoufo, and Lubi tribes (indigenous)
Mandinka tribe from Nigeria in 1300s
Baoule tribe migrated from Ghana in 1700s-1800s
separated from Ashanti tribe

early slavery occurred in 1460s (Portuguese, French, not as severe)
France returned (after losing interest) and colonized Ivory Coast in late 1800s
Muslim influence (trade routes) since AD 1000
European countries first appear (do not colonize yet) for resources, docks not efficient enough to colonize
Bauole kingdom established in 1750s
The official language of the Ivory Coast is French
The literacy rate is 47%
The number of individual languages spoken is 82
Of these languages
4 are institutionalized
36 are developing
35 are vigorous
5 are in trouble
1 is dying
1 is dead
Ivory Coast After Imperialism
What European country colonized Ivory Coast?
The development of cocoa production
foreign investment
1843-44 and later formed into a French colony in 1893.
Different interpretations of treaties
Trading of goods
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