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Business Ideas

No description

Wolfgang O. Springer

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Business Ideas

10 measures to let flow ideas
install & open channels
provide appropriate tools
create an atmosphere of trust
motivate your stakeholders
build and foster groups
identify and support ideas
manage the ideas
measure the groups
convert ideas to life
communicate sucess stories

Install and open Channels to fields where ideas grow
internal communication cross organization
Web Portals for customers, partners & public
Social Media Listening (Twitter, Facebook)
Lead generation and lead management
complaint management
Service Organization
Knowledge base, Knowledge management
Provide state of the art tools
Nobody can manufacture high quality products without appropriate and high quality tools.
Ideas are a product out of a manufacturing process an have to be managed just as a physical product.
by the new way of
New Ideas
Create an atmosphere of trust
Bring your Vision to a feasible project with achievable goals
identify and bring sponsors under obligation
Communicate with and activate your target group(s), envolve them and support participation
measure and monitor not only your project but the business case
Communicate results
Transfere the sucess to new business cases and start the next round
Motivate your Stakeholders
Focus first only one topic
identify the compelling event
find early adopters
speed up the communication
free up space for freaky ideas
demonstrate the new way of collaboration
state an example
communicate the success
then do the next step
shall we do this?
The success factor to gain good new ideas is to give the coincident a chance!

BUT: To raise the chances
don't try to identify the best experts, don't endow an attractive price
don't invest in communication
but enlarge the crowd you interact with and listen to the crowd.

"Coincident is King!"
Leads & Opportunities
Projects & Problems
Customers & Partners
Products & Services
Processes & Methodes
Reporting & Management
internal Communication
Marketing Sales
new Busness Cases ........
Dont boil
the ocean!
Build and foster Groups
be a glasnost pioneer
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