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Feminism in Social Media

No description

Emily Disney

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of Feminism in Social Media

Example Photos:
What does WNF do Offline?
How Does WNF Relates to Class?
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Less political, more social-conscience-style activism (harris)

Combining personal points of view and artwork to convey a feminist message (harris)

Using the internet to take feminist ideology online (bailey and gumbs)

Challenging the dominance of mainstream publishing, carrying into the way that they carry themselves (bailey and gumbs)
Why Does WNF Even Matter?
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They contact schools and organizations to display demonstrations on feminism
They have several fundraisers for money and supporters
Have photo shoots where they display their messages and promote individuality with feminism and intersections
Give advice on how to deal with back lash ie. don't over post, don't belittle or attack trolls online
It impacts everyday life! #FEMINISM
What Does WNF do Online?
Provides a space for people to express the need for feminism

Encourages people to speak up for their rights

Shows daily examples of why feminism is still needed and important

Clears common misconceptions about feminism
Who is Ready to Start Their Own Campaign?
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Feminism in Social Media

By: Cynthia Casas, Madeline De Amaral, Emily Disney, Joelyn Villame, Faithann Walker, Miller Walsh
What is WNF?
Who Started WNF?
Goal to decrease negative associations with the word ‘feminism’ that would keep anyone from identifying with the movement
A social media photo campaign started in 2012 that attempts to shed light on misconceptions about feminism and to explore the continued need and relevance of feminism in today’s society.
Social Media based community (ie. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter).
Allows the people who need feminism to define feminism.
16 women who took a course at Duke University called ‘Women in the Public Sphere’ taught by Professor Rachel Seidman
Dismayed by the fact that the majority of society didn’t think there was a need for feminism anymore.
Wanted to challenge existing feminism stereotypes
They believe that until feminism and women issues are no longer defamed, it will be hard to have equality “both statistically and socially”

Promotes Gender Equality
Women Still Make Less Money than Men at the Same Jobs
The United States is the Only Developed Country with No Paid Maternity Leave
There is Still an Unconscious Bias Against Women in Math and Science
Strong Men are seen as Assertive Leaders;
Strong Women are seen as Pushy and bossy.
Sexual Harassment is Still Widespread, and too often Excused with Some Form of “Boys will be Boys.”
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