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Josh Goodridge

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Tasmania

Tasmania's Government's
Parliament House
The Coat Of Arms
Tasmania's Flag
A Map Of Tasmania
Tasmania Photos
Major towns in Tasmania
The major towns in Tasmania are the following:
1. Towns Shearing which is located at Cnr St John & Elizabeth Sts, Launceston, TAS 7250 and is mainly a real estate town
2. Launceston is a popular city in Tasmania
3. Ellen is a conveyancing services town.
4. Shearing town is a nice town that is full of life.
5.the fifth town is called George it is a small town just northeast of Devonport.
6. Old Hobart town which is just north above Richmond.
Tasmania's size

Total area:64,519 sq. km.
Approximate width west to east: 200km.
Approximate height, north to south: 200km.
Highest point: Mt Ossa.
Tasmania's mountains
The Pademelon's bodies are similar to Wallabies and Kangaroos.
Pademelon meat used to be considered by settlers and aboriginals the meat was delicious and was like that for a long time.
Tasmania's lowest peak is around 1,617 metres high.
The top ten of Tasmania's highest mountains are the following:Mount Ossa, Legges Tor, Barn Bluff, Mount Pelion west, Cradle Mountain, Stack's Bluff, Mount Gould, Mount Rufus, Eldon Peak and Mount Olympus.


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All The Facts You Didn't Know Before

Hobart is The capital city of Tasmania and like all of Australia was found Indigenous people and then seen by the European settlers.
About Hobart
The boat that was used to discover Tasmania.
The Tasmanian Pademelon is only found in Tasmania although it was once found in the southeastern part of Australia.
They dig tunnels in long grasses and bushes in a swamp biome.
The Pademelon is also called the Genus Thylogale.
The Tasmanian Aborigines had well-established communities over the length of Tasmania thousands of years before the island was discovered by Europeans. Most of the oldest known settlements are in the northern half of the state.

In 1642, a Dutch explorer named Abel Tasman was the first European to sight Tasmania. He initially named the island Van Diemen's Land after his employer, but parliament changed the name to Tasmania in 1856.

When captain Cook first
established Tasmania and
found the Indigenous people.
When the English flag was first
placed on Tasmanian soil.
Tasmania's mountains before any
settlement of europeans.
This is a map showing that
people believed Tasmania was connected to Victoria before they went exploring and discovered that it wasn't.
Tasmania's History
Tasmania was believed to be joined to the main part of Australia until The end of the last glacial time which was about 10,000 years ago. Most of the island is upwelling of magma trough other rocks, sometime forming large column joints. Tasmania has many distinctive mountains and cliffs.
Tasmania's Landscape
Photos Of Civilization
Male Devils are larger than female devils by 122mm which is 12.2cm and 0.122 in meters.
Tasmanian Devils are found in all types of climate's in Tasmania from the mountains to the suburban fringes.
Tasmanian Devils are shy, nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen in the wild.
Tasmanian Devils often scavenge for dead animals found on the roadside.Unfortunately they are hit by oncoming traffic.Tasmanian Devils often scavenge 16km in search of food.
The Pademelon
The Tasmanian Devil
The Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devils are endangered
Presentation done by Josh, Deanna and Rochelle.

Tasmania's weather
Tasmania's weather is cold no matter the season and has lots of rain during Winter. Tasmania is a very windy state. To live in Tasmania you need rain and wind built houses.
Tasmania is a very cloudy, windy, rainy,cold place to live in.
Hobart's population is approximately 25,363 people.
Hobart was founded in 1804 as a penal colony.
Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city after Sydney in New South Wales.
Services, Hobart.

This Memorial, which replaces a wooden structure, was unveiled on
13 December 1925 and initially commemorated those Tasmania's who served in the Great War. The inscription on the monument employs the dates 1914-1919 rather than 1914-1918. This anomaly was not uncommon and was presumably influenced by the date of the Versailles Treaty (28 June 1919) and the period of active service rather than the actual cessation of hostilities in November 1918.

Flora, Fauna and Marine symbols
The Type of Landscape Tasmania Has
The Pademelon
Tasmanian blue gums flower which is the flora emblem . The fauna emblem for Tasmania is a Tasmanian devil it is not the officel emblem but it is the closest to it because it has not emblem for the fauna

The marine symbol for Tasmania is on of Australia's most common marine wildlife.
Tasmania's Landscape is mostly forests, a lot of cliffs and mountains but not much dessert land. Tasmania also has a lot of waterfalls and rivers.
Tourist Attractions in Tasmania
The following are some tourist attractions in Tasmania The Parliament House located in Hobart, Ridson Cove is the cove just below Hobart, The Bay Of Fires is a very popular place in Tasmania because all the rocks are red, Hobart Aquatic Center is a good place to warm up and have a nice swim in summer due to the heated pool,
Tasmania alternative place

I choose freycinet national park for a alternative capital not on it but near because u can her the birds sing and might be able to see a rare eagle also with today's technological we can use pipelines to get water and go fishing in the water

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