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Keyuna Dukes Teaching Portfolio

No description

Keyuna Dukes

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Keyuna Dukes Teaching Portfolio

1st grade Animal Unit Lesson Plans
Unit Overview and Lesson Plans!
Check out examples of my students' completed assessments! (zoom in)
Students compared the animals based on their movements. Students were able to relate animals' body parts to the way they move. Students compared the animals based on body parts.
Students expressed the length of different animals as a whole number. Students correctly graphed the length of all the animals on a chart. Students compared animals based on their measurements.
Students compared and contrasted frogs and angelfish based on their movements, growth, appearance, and basic needs.
During my internship at Harmony Leland Elementary, I planned and implemented an animal thematic unit. Within this unit, I covered all subject areas, differentiated the lessons, and I incorporated kinesthetic, hands-on and technological activities into the lessons to keep students motivated and engaged. I created assessments for each lesson in the unit using the objectives outlined in my lesson plans and the Georgia Performance/Common Core Standards.
Welcome to my Prezi teaching portfolio. Throughout the presentation you will view my resume (letters of recommendation included), personal teaching philosophy, and classroom management techniques. I have included background information regarding my internship placement.

You will also get a chance to view science, social studies, literacy, and math sample units and lesson plans I have designed and implemented. Finally, I have also included a technology section to provide examples of how I have integrated a wide variety of interactive tools into a classroom setting.

Thank you for taking the time to view my presentation!
Classroom Management
Social Studies
Interactive Tools

The following lesson plan is one of my scripted lessons for a 5th grade class learning about WWII. Within the lesson, I incorporated a video, art supplies, and role playing to make the lesson fun and interactive.
During my internship at Pitner Elementary, I implemented a number of assessments. I created a decomposing numbers pre/post test for my Kindergarten class. My CT showed it to the other grade level teachers and few of them actually used it for their students' assessment. I also implemented a counting assessment.
My student teaching internship was completed in a full day kindergarten classroom at Pitner Elementary School. Our class was comprised of 11 boys and 10 girls. Of these 21 students, 3 were English Language Learners (ELL) and they received ELL services outside the classroom everyday for 45 minutes.
During my internship, I implemented lessons on all core subjects. I was able to successfully differentiate my lessons and students remained engaged throughout each of my activities. I also had the pleasure of being mentored and observed by, Pitner's former Teacher of the Year, Donna Anderson. With her help, I was able to develop time and behavior management skills.
The following is a list of different interactive tools my grade level colleagues and I created to be used throughout the 5th grade curriculum. I also included a picture of the math game I created for my first graders at Harmony Leland Elementary School!
For literacy at Pitner Elementary, the school was implementing Kim Adsit's Reader's Workshop. I implemented a number of lessons from the program and below are pictures of a Goldilocks and the Three Bears booklet my Kindergarteners created. I also included a week-at-a -glance schedule for the Reader's Workshop.
Character Day
Thank you
for viewing my Teaching Portfolio Prezi!

Comments or Questions?
(404) 623-7700
Teaching Philosophy
Ms. Dukes'

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