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Math Characteristics Learner Profile

No description

Orlando Woods

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Math Characteristics Learner Profile

Math connection to Inquirers
In almost every class atmosphere you will have thoughts that need to be answered whether someone with knowledge of the situation or you eventually take the time to research it yourself. The way a person's though process is
Through trials results are made both ineffective & effective
If you are ever teaching math prove that you know exactly how the problem is solved
How much you willing to sacrifice for the live of others
Math is a universal language.
Yet at times, it seems that certain people find it easy while others find it hard.
When it comes to math, the way we are taught has a great impact on us.
Some teachers may be good at teaching it, while others may not be as good.
The method of teaching, projects.
Different methods of solving the problems.
The numbers and equations in math are like symbols that could be understood by people regardless of what other language they may speak.
Example: Transfer students.
Thinkers can take math problems and solve them easily using their critical thinking and analyzing skills.
When data is collected it is analyzed and further conclusions are made using that data. In statistics, we look at the numbers and analyze them.
Example: Stock Market.
Math is used to make calculations for inflation, taxes, living expenses, etc. Having that mathematical background is something that would definitely be useful in the future to make ethical choices.
Example: Gambling.
Using conceptual math to solve complex problems develops knowledge. Being able to use the concepts and tying it into the problem to solve it is the essential step needed to get to that final answer. Math could be used for global issues as well.
Math helps us understand patterns, for example when we measure the population of a nation.
Math could be applied to physics, it could be applied to the economy. Through math, people use innovation to contribute to society.
Math is used globally and in most fields.
Example: Architecture.
Balanced Relation to Math
The usage of math can be distinguished in multiple areas. One out look is to be well rounded in all segments of math. When discovering theories you can be so caught that questioning starts to appear as well as uncertainty . Data shouldn't be taken likely
Controlling the time consumed is very essential in this characteristic.
When things are unbalanced you health is in danger, ethics, and trust
Certain aspects of Math can be easier to construct
Is mathematics discovered or invented?
Math Characteristics Learner Profile
Definition of IB Profile
Inquirers: Inquirers are naturally curious learners. They know how to learn independently and also know how to work with others.
Knowledgeable: Developing and using conceptual understanding. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.
Thinkers: Thinkers use critical and creative skills to analyze and solve complex problems. They make ethical decisions.
Communicators: They use one language and have many ways to express themselves. Communicators work well collaboratively in groups.
Principled: They act with integrity and honesty. They favor fairness and are very responsible.
Open-minded: Open-minded people value their own culture and perspectives along with the cultures and perspectives of others.
Caring: They show empathy, compassion, and respect. They give to others and make a positive difference in this world.
Risk-takers: Risk-takers have great determination and are very innovative and independent learners. They like to be challenged.
Balanced: They understand how to keep themselves balanced physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
Reflective: They think about the world, new ideas, and personal experience. This helps them see their strengths and weaknesses and be able to develop their thinking.
Definition of IB Profile Continued
Principled Connection to Math
Open-minded connection with Math
Math is the area of knowledge that we use in our everyday lives and those who feel passionate about learning math are considered risk-takers.
Example: improving technology.
Those who choose to become math teachers are also being risk-takers.
Example: E = mc^2
This is how we advance and improve in our thinking and inventions.
Many times when we make little mistakes in our methods to find the answer we end up with the wrong answers.
Example: Test corrections.
Example: Calculators.
There is a distinction between truth and certainty in math. When we solve simple addition or multiplication problems the answers we receive are true.
When reasoning and proofs are used, this is more certainty.
Uncertainty is also present in data which is what leads to insights as we evaluate that data. By evaluating it and drawing conclusions we are being reflective.
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