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Instructional Shifts

No description

Kathryn Lanier

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Instructional Shifts

Instructional Shifts
A Path to Flipped Learning

Ideas to help you support flipped learning
Katie Lanier
Physics Teacher at Allen High School, Allen Tx

What is flipped learning?
Important Steps
Supporting Flipped Learning
The Starting Point
What change would you like to see in the classroom environment?
Teacher centered to
student centered
About flipped learning
Important starting steps
Supporting flipped learning

Identify a reason to flip
What benefits do you anticipate?
Set goals
What is ideal?
What is acceptable?
What is unacceptable?
With parents
Class time improves
Peer instruction
Inquiry based learning
Project based learning
Better and more frequent interactions
Mastery learning
Natural differentiation
source: www.flippedlearning.org
What questions do you have about flipped learning?
With teachers
Explain the change.
Explain why teachers are changing.
Explain expectations at home and in class.
Encourage collaboration
Be clear about your expectations and capabilities
Support training and planning time
Support technology needs
With students
Collect data
How can you help your teachers?
Allow risk taking
Encourage collaboration with others
Give time to collaborate and learn

Four Pillars of F-L-I-P
Change is difficult
Patient partners
Understanding flipped learning will look different
Facilitation of technology issues
Evaluation adjustments if the framework does not fit
Meeting teacher's needs
Great flipped learning resources
This presentation: http://goo.gl/7TsqE
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