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Welcome to Krakow

GBS & GTC - 14.05.2013

Kamil Zalewski

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Krakow

CISCO Kraków – a good place to be Do you know where the photographer was standing when this photo was taken? Kraków – a city of culture Did you know that the US and Poland have a national hero in common? Do you know for how long Kraków was the capital city of Poland? Kraków's location and neighbors Kraków – international city in the center of Europe

Thomas Jefferson
3rd President of the United States about Tadeusz Kościuszko „He is as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known” Capital city of Poland for 558 years, currently capital city of Małopolska region Kraków – city of history & heritage
Welcome to
KRAKÓW West Point Academy – designer and builder Tadeusz Kośsciuszko – Polish and American
national hero 210.000 students and 23 universities Kraków – city of students Poland’s way to democracy International Shared Service and R&D city
Over 40k people,
Clusters – IT (Soft Dev/Mobile/Games) & Finance/Accounting Kraków – city of Business and IT HISTORY & HERITAGE Geography and geopolitics ` Culture Business Kraków Kraków agglomeration
= 1,4 M citizens 100 km (62 miles) radius region
- 9M people 300 km (about 180 miles) radius region
- 60+M people and 6 countries Germany Czech
Republic Austria Slovakia Hungary Romania Ukraine Belarus John Paul II Copernicus Stanisław
Lem Famous Alumni 1989 2010 2004 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Lech Wałęsa First country to abolish communism Poland in EU 1999 Poland joins NATO 2007 Poland in Schengen Green Island of Europe in crisis ?? Poland in Euro zone Małopolska Warsaw Heart of Polish nation – Kings and Royal family buried at Wawel Entire Old town -
Unesco World Heritage List since 1978
Once capital of the largest kingdom in Europe (16-17th century) Most visited Polish city – over 9M of tourists yearly Polish kings Royal tombs
at Wawel Royal castle
Wawel How many tourists visit Krakow a year? Declaration of Independence of Poland at Krakow's Market Square Fought for Liberty in the 18th century both in the US (American Revolution) and in Poland (Kosściuszko Uprising) Castle and Old Town Fortifications Churches Kraków Schindler's factory Less than 1 km from where you sit Jewish Kraków Before the Second World War over 20% of Krakow's citizens were of Jewish origin Kazimierz - the Jewish and art district Cultural capital city of Poland Universities Theaters Festivals Operas Musicals European City of Culture – Krakow 2000 Krakow in movies Movies, effects and games Students Do you know how many students we have in Krakow? University of Krakow - founded in 1364 8th oldest in the world Statistically - every 5th person you meet in Krakow is a student 2 out of Polish top 5 univ Do you know how long does
it take you to get to the
nearest ski slopes? a good place to be Kraków's universities have an influx of international students Nearest ski slopes are 30 min drive
European class skiing within 1,5h drive Active summer Ojcowski National Park -
10 km from Krakow Tatrzański National Park Magurski
National Park Babiogórski National Park Pieniński National Park Gorczański National Park Startups -> Startup sold in Silicon Valley ->
-> SMB -> Multinationals Medieval trade center – crossing of trade routes Europe’s gate to the East Museums 180 300 300 320 350 500 800 900 1 000 3 500 Top 10 R&D/IT companies by headcount ~500 500 ~ 500 650 800 900 1 200 1 400 1 700 2 200 Top 10 Shared Services companies by headcount Shared Services IT IT Cisco Kraków Poland December
2011 BONUS - POLISH LANGUAGE LESSON Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Try to say :) Sheraton Wawel castle Market Square Schindler's factory 3 km Jewish and art
district Important dates:
- May 2012 - Grand Opening - about 50 employees
- May 2013 - over 230 employees
- July 2013 - phase II - opening
- 2015 - phase III opening phase I phase II and III Fact sheet:
- over 20 nations in Cisco Krakow office already
- groups present:
Technical Services
Advanced Services
HR & Staffing
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