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CAP 1.4 - New Student Success

No description

Eric Mullen

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of CAP 1.4 - New Student Success

New Student Success Meet Them Where They Are
Provide the Map
Elevate Confidence & Self Efficacy
Share Tools for Success
Build Community
Challenge Supporting College Strategic Goals 1.4 Promote student success in students' academic, community and personal lives 1.5 engage in activities with faculty & staff in & out of the class to improve learning Project Rationale Connect the Dots

The Important Stuff

Realizing Our Potential Build on our great work
Improve & Connect Existing Programs
Create a more integrated/high touch student experience Improve fall to winter persistence rates
Increase percentage of students who attain 30+ credits in 5 year period
Increase student particiaption rates - services, programs and internventions
Become a leader among cohort in CCSSE & SENSE outcomes "Leading Community College Develops System that Greatly Improves New Student Success" - The Chronicle, January 2012 Project Scope First Year Experience
Greater Advising Integration
Segmented & Targeted Courses
Co-curricular Programming
Early Alert
Faculty Professional Development Pre-Enrollment
High School Outreach Efforts
Bridge/Transition Programs Orientation
Mandatory Orientation Programs
Expanded Orientation Programs (Winter & Summer Start)
Segmented Orientation Program (returning students, regional centers, etc.)
New Student Communication Program (use of social media)
GRCC Creed
Traditions Project Timeline 2010-2011
Form advisory team of key stakeholders (student affairs, faculty, student leaders, administration, etc.)
Institutional Scanning – systematically review student assessment data to determine where highest needs and gaps are in supporting new students
Review literature, benchmarking, and best practices for example models and programs that would fit our needs and resource availability
Design new student initiatives (programs, services, communication methods, tracking and assessment systems, budget requests, etc.) to meet identified needs
Implement orientation programs for winter and summer start students
Develop plan to implement mandatory orientation program for fall 2011 start students

TBD - based on first year project planning

TBD - based on first year project planning
Project Assesment Monitoring
Project plan execution – use a project management model to track timeline, budget and milestones.
Regularly scheduled advisory/stakeholder meetings
Monthly updates provided to the Dean of Students and Student Affairs Leadership Team
Semester Updates to Dean’s Council
Updates as needed in GRCC Today and other internal media/communications
Yearly update to Cabinet/College Leadership Council as requested
Assessment - Reaching levels of success and predetermined goals related to:
Institutional data sets (enrollment data, retention data, etc).
SENSE Data Improvements
CCSSE Data Improvements
Participation levels in programs, interventions and events
Questions & Feedback?
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