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Issue #20 Does working with parents have to be contentious?

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Casie Billmire

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Issue #20 Does working with parents have to be contentious?

Confusing education laws
Don't understand the laws
Time consuming
Parents vs IEP Teams
Focus is not on the child
Causes of Contention
Realizing others are stressed
Focus on solutions and options rather than blame and arguments
Asking the right questions
Doing research
Willing to negotiate
Courteous and respectful
Attitude, language, speech
Special education is evolving
Parents making the decisions
How to resolve?
Issue #20 Does working with
parents have to be contentious?

What causes the
How to resolve the
While many are putting in long hours to grow their careers, they are also striving to get their kids in the bet schools or classrooms, and watching over homework and after-school activities. Having children with special needs complicates things exponentially.
Navigating the parenting role is tricky at the best of times but, finding your way with a child that has special needs is even more demanding and difficult.
The school must educate all students, not just YOURS.
Before taking any action, the question that should be front and center is: "How will this benefit the child? How could this hurt the child?" It is all too easy to get caught up in the feeling of retribution. When we feel helpless it is almost intoxicating to gain a sense of power. We need to be honest with ourselves about what is driving our course of action.
Advocates Role
Assist parents
Problem Solving skills
Attending all meeting
Clarify issues
Locate and provide information
Follow up on decisions and actions taken
Speak on child/parents behalf
Document meetings
Suggest options and possible solutions
Listen to all parties
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