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Copy of How is Canada helping to stop child labor and end poverty?

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Maggie Parliament

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of How is Canada helping to stop child labor and end poverty?

What do NGOs do or How do NGOs try to end poverty?
What is one example of something that Canada buys/trades from another country which has child labor or any other issues?

First of all, why are these children working?
How does Canada deal with these issues like child labor in countries it trades with?
In Uzbekistan, How do they get the people to work?
One example of something that (a) Canadian NGO(s) has done already is...
But wait...
What is something that Canadian NGOs have done already?
How is Canada helping to end poverty and child labor?
Inquiry 2014
By: Saad Mukhtar
Class: 6F
This is a presentatation about how Canada tries to end poverty and child labor
Canada is known as a free country with fair rights
There are some places that Canada buys from which.... have KIDS working for them.
This is called
child labor
and isn`t
fair trade
because the KIDS...
do not get paid fairly
get tortured and beat up
SO, what is Canada doing about this situation?
In most developing countries with child labor, the answer is poverty.
Poverty is when people do not have a sufficient amount of money to support themselves (food, shelter, water, clothes...) .
In some places they can get forced to work
they can also get kidnapped and threatened to work
One example of something that Canada buys/trades is
Cotton is usually grown in central parts of Asia like India and Uzbekistan.
Unfortunately, in Uzbekistan, it isn't produce fairly.
Children can be working there who
can be as young as 10 years old.
Surprisingly, an
estimated 200 000 children
work in cotton fields in Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan, children are paid 50 cents per kilogram!
Also, in India, Children work up to 13 hours a day and children get paid up to $1.50/per day.
In India, the reason for child labor is poverty

Canada doesn't really have that much governmental agencies that are doing something about these issues, it's us, the Canadian citizens.
Educated people in Canada have made their own agencies to try to solve these problems. They are called NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).
These organizations are not run by the Canadian Gov., they are only supported by them. They are also supported by sponsors who help by donating to them so they can get supplies for other developing countries.
Providing safe food
Making safe areas to eat, drink, and buy food
``Helping families afford healthy food with new economic job opportunities``
In emergencies like when a disaster happens and when most families lose most of their needs...
NGOs, make farms so people can get and sell food
NGOs, help communities better prepare for droughts and food emergencies
NGOs, respond with medicines and life saving food when disaster happens
NGOs, provide nutrition training to families and community members
Many NGOs like the Red Cross and Save The Children Foundation do many things. One of the most common ways are...
Top Hard working NGOs!
1. Wikimedia Foundation
2. Partners In Health
3. Oxfam
5. International Rescue Committee
7. CARE International
8. Médecins Sans Frontières
9. Danish Refugee Council
10. Ushahidi
United Nations
"United Nations are an international organization of countries set up in 1945; in succession to the League of Nations to promote international, peace, security, and cooperation" Oxford Dictionary describes. Canada started playing a part in the UN since it started.
The UN also has a big goal to end poverty.
They go around the world providing.....
food and water
medical supplies
and shelter and clothes
In 2010 there was a huge earth quake that hit Haiti.
Thousands of people lost their homes.
Poor families became even more poor and started to be in poverty.
Canada responded immediately. Especially the Red Cross. The Red Cross...
built 7, 500 homes
paid for 2,089 homes for people to live in
helped 2,300 people with health treatment
gave 14 400 tons of supplies
gave 2.5 million litres of water
and helped 230 thousand people in total
The World Bank Organization states that poverty is not only about the lack of money you have; "
Poverty is hunger. Poverty is the lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not having access to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job, is fear for future, living one day at a time...
My Opinions of what Canada should do
While researching this topic, I thought of a suggestion I could give to the government of Canada or to some of the big NGOs.
NGOs, of the world and the UN should try to force or convince countries with force child labor like Uzbekistan, to end this horrifying situation ; the government should be using their power and money more on people then on them selves.
The Army takes control of all the people
They take orders from the government
They can send out threats if any worker tries to run away
A soldier usually sends threats to children to expel them from schools
Most of the time,
(except the government)
My Conclusion
From learning everything from the research I did and from this presentation, I learned that child labor is most commonly because of poverty, therefore, if we end poverty we can end child labor. So if all the non-developing countries work together to support the developing countries with children living in poverty, this could all end! Overall, I now know how Canada is helping the people in need, and how proud we should be as Canadians!
got the information and the photos from the following sites:
newswire.ca (the report about: World Vision Asks Canadians to help end child slavery)
Also from the text book "Arnold Canada and its Trading Partners":
All images are from google
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