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welcome to the grand opening of skateboards, Inc.

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Alan Chairez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of welcome to the grand opening of skateboards, Inc.

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Presentation Designed by
Skateboards, Inc. Microsoft Office Specialist Rapid City’s Latest and Greatest Skateboard and Rollerblade Park!
360 Jackson Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57702 1-888-555-RAIL (7245)
www.skateboardsinc.net Welcome the the Grand Opening of Skateboards, Inc. Thank you fellow boarders for choosing Skateboards, Inc. everybody's welcome to this we hope that all of the skateboarders and rollerblades enjoy their time here.  A Message from Randy Boardman, President Skateboards, Inc. consists of more than 30,000 square feet of skateboard and rollerblade Ramps and includes a D.J booth, large screen TV’s, a food court, a lounge area, an arcade, Lockers and a pro shop About Skateboards, Inc. Hours of Operation Nachos chili

Buffalo wings
Onion rings Visit The Skateboard Shack THEY WILL PLAY UR FAVORITE MUSIC Music Provided By D.J. Jazz Grip Tape
Helmet Liners
Riser Pads
Speed Demon 53mm Wheels
High-speed Bearings
T-shirt Skateboards, Inc. Logo
Inline Skates Visit the Skateboards, Inc. Pro Shop Experience Gaming in the Skateboards, Inc. Arcade The lounge is a peaceful area it’s also a good place to discuss about skateboard/ rollerblade while taking a snack. Also while you are taking a snack you can see what is going on in the big screen TVs Take a Breather in The Lounge Stop by our membership desk and check out the following plans: Affordable Memberships Available For safe “boarding” and “blading” experience, follow these safety tips:
Always wear helmets
Always wear protective elbow and knee pads
Never bring food or beverage into the skate arena
Be respectful of fellow boarders and bladders
Know your limitations: beginners avoid risky moves Safety is our #1 Priority
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