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Ben Moyer, Todd Mclemore, Monttraill Claiborne, Nick Hatfield

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of Ben Moyer, Todd Mclemore, Monttraill Claiborne, Nick Hatfield

The Monsters are Due on
Maple Street Fear is what causes confusion more often because without the facts people don't know what to do when you are in a scary situation. Essential? Transfixed
very still, as ifnailed to the spot
The dog was transfixed in the front yard. Intimidated
verb, used as an adjectives
frightend, used by threats or violence
The monkey was intimmidated by the other monkey. Defiant
boldy resisting authority
A guy was defiant to an angry crowd. Idiosyncrasy
A person has an idiosyncrasy
that is really weird. Menace
danger; threat
The superhero had a
menace, the supervillan. Converging
verb; used as adjective
coming together
People were converiging to get warm. Plot Summary
People of Maple Street heard a sound of a roar and saw a flash of light over their heads.
"Power" went out on Maple Street--house lights, radios, cars, phones, TVs, stove, lawn mowers.
Pete Van Horn went to another street to check if they had their power.
Tommy didn't want anyone to leave because of the monsters.
Weird things happend--Goodman's car strated by itself, House lights flicked on and off.
People started blaming each other for the weird things that happend.
The group formed into a mob and surrounded Charlie. When they surrounded him, he started to run but got tackled by Steve. Charlie punched him and got away and went into his house.
After the lights went off and on in one of the houses they were confused and the people wanted answers so they turned to Tommy.
When they saw a dark figure walkin down the street, Tommy said "Its the monster! Its the monster! Charlie shot the figure and they heard a small cry.When the group went to see what it was, they found out it was Pete Van Horn.
Two figures step out of the meteor (ship) and talked about how they can go to any maple street in world and they would react in a pattern. Steve, sensible; Steve was the sensible person on Maple Street.
Tommy, thoughtfully smart; Tommy basically started the whole people from outer space thing.
Charlie, accusatory; Charlie accused one of the main kids for all of the strange things happining.
Don, Curoius; Don wond ndered why everything started and stoped. WDYTN?
Now that you've read the teleplay what do you think causes confusin more fear or facts?
We still think the same thing. "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" by Rod Sterling.
Elements of Literature. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.
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