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Habitant- A Day In the Life Of

No description

Simon Says

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Habitant- A Day In the Life Of

Habitant- A Day In the Life Of Farmers Sent by king of France Increased population of New France Middle class Given land (by Seigneurs) Sharuka Sivanandam Who were the
Habitants? Throughout
Year Planted crops Summer: Winter: Made indoor repairs
ice fished
went to bed early Property Seigneurs divided land (lengthwise) rented land from Seigneurs one in four Habitants lived in village always had access to water land divided further for boys when they married Access to
water Habitant's
property Seigneur
required to build mill
and church River Food corn, peas Clothing wore moccasins and animal fur coats Transportation usually walked Housing built simple cabins at first cabins grew as family grew windows and doors built facing south not many windows low celings Original
property Son's
property hosted big celebrations, after payed by the seigneur Free Time Law and Order Religion same laws as in France important part of peoples lives Habitant and Seigneurs Habitants Seigneurs poor and less important citizens
kept whatever land the Seigneurs gave them
owed the Seigneurs more things
had to build house and clear land
work three days each year on the Seigneur`s field
give a portion of fish they caught
give some of the wood they cut
promise to help build the church
promise to pay their taxes had more power over the Habitants
were wealthy and important people
kept most of the land to themselves
protected Habitants
built grind mill for flour Credit: Close-Up Canada textbook
linkonlearning.com (history-unit 4-every day life in New France)
canadachannel.ca/HCO (Daily Life in New France)
wikipedia.org (Seigneurial Systems of New France) By: Ben Fung Fook And made sugar and maple syrup Spring:
cleared field (for next years crops) Grew gardens structures readied for winter Food preserved Fall: Made indoor repairs
ice fished
went to bed early Winter: Usualy ate bread
ate what they grew
consumed milk, eggs,and meat from livestock
silk wore on special occasions most clothing made of cotton or linen sleighs (dog or horse) used snowshoes taught by the aboriginals how to canoe cooking done one fire place furniture hand made usually one room families stayed for a meal, a game of cards, or dancing in winter, families would go visit relatives or neighbor played music and danced mass was followed by a big feast on Christmas eve families drove to the church for the midnight mass Christmas eve was an important festivals revolved around the church year bells tolled when people died and pealed in an emergency bells signaled the beginning of morning and evening prayers place to exchange latest gossip or news went on church regularly on Sundays and special feast day executions held in public as a warning to other citizen could be whipped or branded with red-hot irons severe punishments (often death) suspect was presumed guilty Sovereign Counsel highest court Any
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