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Community Health Teams - the Many Faces of Success (Voice Over)

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Transcript of Community Health Teams - the Many Faces of Success (Voice Over)

Community Health Teams are the essence of Capital Health’s Our Promise, providing community-based primary health care when and where citizens need it most - where people live, work and play.

Community Health Teams are reducing the risk and better managing chronic disease in our district. This is transformative and evidence of Capital Health’s vision - Healthy People and Healthy Communities.
This is what success looks like.
Community Health Team programs helped over 5,400 participants in over 7,000 visits in 2012/2013.
In the Low Intensity Exercise Program, only 23.5% of study participants could exercise for 150 minutes (2.5 hours) a week.
After the program, this number nearly doubled to 51.5%
Participants with metabolic syndrome decreased from 44% to 29%.
Over 90% of participants agreed that they have a better understanding and a plan to improve their health.

In the Beginning
Community Health Teams and the Capital Health Promise:

Community-based chronic disease prevention and risk factor management
Improving citizens’ confidence in managing chronic conditions
Enhanced access for underserviced groups
Person-centred approach
How We Got There
The many faces and partners of success
Capital Health, IWK Health Centre, citizens, health care providers and leaders, and community partners
Need to bring health and wellness services closer to where people live
Talk to the communities about what is important to them
Review community health data
"I love the Community Health Teams. They’re excellent, they’re free, and you always learn something new.”
Community Health Team Participant
Community Health Board Surveys
2/3 of people in Capital Health have more than one chronic condition
18% identified themselves as obese
50% said they were physically inactive
21% said they led an unhealthy lifestyle
Community Conversations
Community Health Team Guiding Principles
Dynamic and flexible
Avoid duplication of existing supports and services
Learning together
Foster self-management
Seniors, parents and youth age lens
Person and family centred approach
Determinants of health lens
Community connection
Network, partner and collaborate
Ongoing citizen engagement
Inclusion and outreach
Be patient
How Community Health Teams Support Health
Significant impact on the lives of citizens
FREE Health and wellness programs
Wellness navigation
Connecting with community organizations to make a real difference, every day
Defining health and it’s determinants
Self management through behavior change
“They make you aware of your responsibility for your own health and your own wellness.”
Community Health Team Participant
Health and Wellness Programs
Weight management
Physical activity
Emotional wellness
Risk Factor Management
All easily accessible in the community
And its FREE
“It’s free. That made a difference because I couldn’t afford to pay for classes. I’ve been to many classes offered at the Community Health Team, like exercise, nutrition, and weight management. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them.”
Community Health Team Participant
Navigation: Guiding People Through the Support System
Finding the right resources can be challenging
We are always the right door
Navigators assess needs –Wellness GPS
From the simple to the complex
Assess readiness of individuals to take action
“They are a “system GPS”. I feel like I have an ace in my pocket now with the Wellness Navigator. If I have an issue, I feel much more secure in knowing that the Wellness Navigator is here for me. They take a different approach here, they say, let’s see how we can get me to point A and point B with minimal stress.”
Community Health Team Participant
There is a real need for community-based health and wellness programs
Easy access to services throughout the community
Access at various times of day, evenings and weekends is also important
People want services close to where they live and work
People need help navigating the health system and beyond
Samantha & Angelina
Kevin Little
Healthy Communities
It takes a community to care for its residents
Working with community organizations such as food banks, family resource centres, libraries and places of worship
Engaging people in their communities
Enabling a network of care that supports individuals, families and caregivers
Contributing to healthier people and healthier communities
Dr. Karen
Family Practice Perspective
Family physicians, nurses, and other health providers support Community Health Teams
They see the team as partners in treating their patients
The resources of the Community Health Team mean a single referral by the physician for a variety of necessary services
A partnership of health and wellness providers working together toward healthier people and well-managed chronic conditions
Looking to the Future
Community Health Teams:
are for everyone, and they work!
are an investment in our citizens and in our health care system
relieve stress on the system, saving money
support wellness, manage disease and prevent illness
create healthier, more engaged citizens and communities
have something for everyone

Citizens, health care providers, decision makers, CEOs, management all share one thing in common…their health. So let’s promote health and wellness in our communities today.
Chris Power, CEO, Capital Health
The Community Health Teams embody the IWK Health Centre’s vision of Healthy Families, the Best Care. The IWK is an enthusiastic Community Health Team partner and we believe in the important contributions this programming makes in support of the well-being of families in our communities. Care closer to home, especially for kids, is what we aspire to, and Community Health Teams make this a reality.
Anne McGuire, CEO, IWK Health Centre
Offer programs that maintain wellness and manage risk factors:
Navigators help people get to the right destination:
from health services to housing to grief counselling – whatever is needed
supporting social interaction
encouraging continuity of care with family practice
meeting with people in the community where they are
working with individuals and families
Community Health Teams are always the right door
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