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Fashion Of the Elizabethan Era

Prezi showing what was the fashion, what each article of clothing, laws for clothing, and even the meaning of colors worn during the Elizabethan Era

Malcolm Hinnant

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Fashion Of the Elizabethan Era

Fashion of the Elizabethan Era Clothing, fashion, and colors all played a big role in Elizabethan England. From the smallest accesorry to the most extravagent dress, they all defined a person that was noticable to anyone and everyone. Colors Colors was used to show wealth, social status, realtions, and positions. Almost every color was mandated to be worn by all people specifically. Gold was worn by the highest class. Royals and nobals mainly. Gold showed the wealth they had and the extravagent possesions they owned. White was a color closely associated with religion, like red. It was also a symbol of purity. The symbol of white, being purity, was why during Queen Elizabeth's time, her people would normally see their "Virgin Queen" in a white gown. Black is a color that can have a varied meaning and symbol; for low and high class. Black, among the high class, can show power and wealth. Can be referred to as a "Rich Black". Black, among the low class, can show how "plain" that one, lowly individual is. Blue was a color closely related to the lower class, but still worn by some upper class men. Servants would normally wear blue.

Blue symbolized grace in religion. Green symbolized nature and the birth of life. It was a color widely used among most social classes Purple is a color that always symbolized the royal family. By Sumptuary Law, only members of the Kings family and Queens family could wear purple. Red also symbolized fire. It showed power amungst some and was worn to show the important social status. Red was a color closely assosiated with the Christianity.

Red was a color worn for social class instead economic class Crimson was a color of the Church. It symbolized God and his presence.

By Sumptuary Law, only those of royalty, nobility, and members of the Council could wear Crimson. Crimson also showed power and had strong presence, like fire. Sumptuary Law A law was made in 1574 by Queen Elizabeth called the Sumptuary Law. It was also known as "The Statues of Apparel"
These series of laws was made to maintain and show the social structure
Also used to restrict people
Each social class and economic class was only allowed to wear certain articles of clothing and certain colors
A lower class was never allowed to mimic clothing of a higher class
Material used to make clothes was only used by certain classes Ruff Started as high, frilly collors. Soon used to show off the womens neck, upper breasts, and when raised, to show off and give a certain flair to the women's hair. Corset A undergarment for women used to get a very thin waist.
A thin waist was seen as very appealing and beautiful during the Elizabethan Era. Gown The main part of the dress that can very in many colors and designs (depending on the owner and there place in the Sumptuary Laws). Queen Elizabeth I Dress Jewelry Shoes Shoes was not as important as other parts of the outfit due to the fact that the long gowns would cover the shoes Queen Elizabeth 1 Make-Up A beautiful woman was as pale as milk, so a white powder was applied to the face to give her that pale look. Pink cheeks was also viewed as beautiful, so a red blush is applied to the cheeks. Red lips also was viewed as beautiful . Basically, color was good on the face of a woman. This Prezi was made by Malcolm Hinnant Artistic Figure & Poster provided by Kiran Kaur Printed handouts made by Maria Perez Information gathered by Adriana Cordero
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