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The things about schizoprenia

DaScience Teacher

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Schizoprenia

• Distortions in thought content( delusions)
• Hallucinations
• Losing interest in everyday activities
• Inappropriate behavior
Body Systems Affected
• Nervous System
Type of Disease
• noninfectious
• Learn and think abnormally
• Certain environmental difficulties
• Genetically determined
• Biological abnormalities in brain
Causes SYMPTOMS SHIZOPRENIA Treatments for the Disease

• Psychiatrist
• Hospitalization
• Convulsion Therapy

Latest Research
• People with schizophrenia hold fewer items in their working memories.Dr.John Krystal had better understanding of molecule switches, and he says he may be able to develop treatments to prevent Inhibitor neurons from getting stuck in white matter.
reference disease and disorders by:Melissa Abramovitz
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