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Social Justice Math Study Group

No description

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Social Justice Math Study Group

Social Justice Math Study Group
What do we need in order to be able to participate fully?
Identify a lesson that you would be interested in teaching to your students.

How does the lesson address one/some aspects of TM4SJ that we discussed today?

Connect with your group and share before the next session (November 3)!
Name/District (School)/Grade Level
develop a working definition of Teaching Math for Social Justice (
coined by Tonya Gau Bartell)
What does teaching math for Social Justice mean?
Reading: "Introduction" to
Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers
, edited by Eric Gutstein and Bob Peterson.
What does teaching math for Social Justice mean?
Activity: Examining some math problems
1) What is Social Justice Math?
An act of educational resistance that you have experienced or witnessed
create a community of practice for Social Justice oriented Math Educators in the Bay Area
share resources, networks, experiences, and ideas as they pertain to Social Justice math
2) Math Literacy as a Justice Issue
3) Integrating Economic and Social Justice Issues into the Classroom
4) Culturally Responsive Teaching
5) Math for Change: Motivating and Equipping our Students for Action
6) Math for Change: Being a Social Justice Math connector
One takeaway from today is...

I still wonder...

What else?
Respect Everyone's Time
Assume Positive Intent
Participate Fully
Challenge The Idea Not The Person
Be Solution Oriented
What does it mean to teach math for social justice?
What assumptions (goals, paradigm, pedagogy, content, etc.) are embedded in this concept?
How does each problem address the aspects of TM4SJ that we discussed previously?
How might you revise one/any of these problems to better reflect the goals of TM4SJ?
"Math should genuinely highlight -- and serve as a tool to understand--issues of social justice that students care about."
Discuss with your group:
3 words or phrases you highlighted and why
2 ways to implement this in your classroom
1 question you have

Celine Liu, Math Specialist
Find someone you do not know and share:
You will introduce your partner to the group.
Why you are here today
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