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The Count of Monte Cristo Relationships

No description

Vernon Pearsey

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of The Count of Monte Cristo Relationships

The Count of Monte Cristo Relationships
Monsieur Morrel
Baron Danglars
Hermine Danglars
Edmond Dantes
The Count of Monte Cristo
Emmanuel Herbault
Maximilien Morrel
Eugenie Danglars
Louise D` Armilly
Gaspard Caderousse
Madame Caderousse
Monsieur De Villefort
Renee De Saint Meran
Marquise and Marquise de Saint Meran
Monsieur Nortier
Ali Pasha
Luigi Vampa
Cardinal Spada
Abbe Faria
Lucien Debray
Raoul Chateau-Renaud
Major Cavalcanti
Andrea Cavalcanti
Captain Leclere
Dr. D` Avringy
Abbe Busoni
Lord Wilmore
Sinbad The Sailor
Louis Dantes
Captain of The Phaoron
Luigi Owes Him
Albert was captured by Luigi
Formerly engaged true lovers
Hated Edmond because of Mercedes
Was turned in to the turks
Franz D` Epinay
Supposed to get married
Helped when Edmond was in Jail
mute nubian slave
Killed after sneaking out of the Count`s House
Killed by Caderousse
Family Doctor
Same Person
Caught Gaspard trying to break into The Count`s House
Obtained info about Edmond`s death
Worked on Phareon togther;Danglars plotted to have Dantes thrown in jail.
Villefotr`s 1st Wifes Parents

Prosecuted against him @ the Ali Pasha case
Hates him
Collected Money from Firm
Saved his life
Sent Her a letter to pick up money for Monsieur Morrel
Brother in law
Worked for firm
19 years old
Captain of Phareon
= Friends
= Same Person
= Daughter
= Lover
= Assistant
= Son
= Sister
= Grandson
= Granddaughter
= Servant
= Married
= Secret Lover
= Father
= Loved Her
= Enemies
Owner of Thompson And French
Owner of The Phareon
Became bankrupt
Did everything in his power to free Edmond
Father of 2 kids
Skinny, Tall, Black Hair, Hazel eyes, poor
Is Edmond after Prison
Very Rich from Abbe Faria`s family treasure
Grey hair, brown eyes, tall, skinny, well dressed
Avenges those who put Edmond Dantes in jail and rewards those who tried to help him
Age unknown
Male Priest
Black Hair, tall
Visited Caderousse at his house to obtain any information on who and why Edmond was incarcerated
Caught Caderousse break into The Count of Monte Cristo`s house
Age unknown
Collects debt payments from Thompson and French
Age Unknown
Sends a gift to Monsieur Morrel through Julie
Lived in poverty
Old man
Diagnosed with gastric enteritis
Starved to death
Owed Baron Danglars 200 francs
Son of Monsieur Morrel
Wanted to take ownership of Family firm after Monsieur Morrel
23 years old
In love with Valentine
17 years old
Recieved a letter from Sinbad the Sailor to give to Monsieur Morrel
White, skinny, blue eyes, and brown hair
24 years old
Worked for morrel`s firm
In love with Julie
Purser of Phareon
Wealthy Banker
Wife cheats on him with Lucien Debray
Put Edmond Dantes in prison
Ivory white teeth, Ebony black hair,large smile, tan, tall, slender man
Age unknown
Father of 1 child
Wife of Baron Danglars
Age unknown
Cheats on Baron with Debray
Controls all of Baron Danglars`s Stocks
Also known as Madame Danglars
Mother of 1 child
Daughter of Hermine and Baron danglars
In love with Louise d` Armilly
Ran away with Louise
Lover of Eugenie Danglars
Age Unknown
Ran away with Eugenie Danglars
Hated Edmond Dantes
In love with Mercedes
Father of Mercedes`s Child
Age Unknown
Commits Suicide after bieng overwhelmed by The Count Of Monte Cristo
Joined the Military and became General and a Baron
Overthrew Ali Pasha
Mother of Albert de Morcerf
Fiancee of Edmond Dantes
Marries Fernand when Edmond was in jail
Joins Albert in poverty after the Ali Pasha case
Age unknown
Son of Fernand and Mercedes de morcerf
goes into poverty with his mother in shame of his father Fernand
Took the name of Herrera
Age unknown
Age unknown
Attempts to kill Abbe busoni after abbe busoni find Caderousse breaking into The Count`s house
Witness of Danglars writing Edmond Dantes`s treason letter
Husband of Madae Caderousse
Kills Madame Caderousse after he kills a jewler
Gets stabbed by Benedetto after benedetto sees that Caderousse doesn`t kill The Count
Wife of Gaspard Caderousse
Murdered by Gaspard Caderousse
Age unknown
No occupation
Father of Valentine
Husband of Heloise
Age unknown
Public prosecutor
Sentenced Edmond Dantes and Madame de Villefort to prison
Son of Monsieur Noirtier
Devoted to his work
Age unknown
Villefort`s 1st wife
Daughter of Marquise and Marquis de Saint Meran
Occupation unknown
Daughter of Villefort
Granddaughter or monsieur Noirtier
19 years old
In love with Maximilien morrel
Chesnut hair, dark blue eyes, white
Very rich
Age unknown
Wife of Villefort
Mother of Vaentine
Occupation unknown
Brother of Valentine
Grandson of Noiriter
8 years old
Son of Villefort and Madme Danglars
Raised by Assuta and Bertuccio
Found by Bertuccio
Killed Assunta
Killed Gaspard Caderousse
Granparents of Valentine and Edouard
Parents of Renee de Saint-Meran
Ages unknown
Occupation unknown
Father of Villefort
Paralyzed by stroke
Can only move eyelides for communication
Loves Valentine; Hates Edouard and Villefort
Noirtier`s assistant
Killed by Madame de Villefort
Age unknown
Recieved a oat and crew for bieng loyal to Edmond Dantes
age unknown
The Count`s mute nubian slave
Stopped Madame de villefort`s horses from running away
Witnessed Abbe busoni catch Gaspard Caderousse breaking into The Count`s House
Age unknown
Age unknown
Hates Benedetto
The Count`s assistant
Assunta`s brother in law
Age unknown
Bertuccio`s sister in law
Killed by Benedetto
Age unknown
Overthrown by General Fernand
Occupation unknown
Father of Haydee
Famous Roman bandit
Captured Albert de Morcerf b/c of him flirting with Luigi`s girlfriend
Owes The Countso Freed Albert
Age unknown
Age unknown
The Counts Itailian Shephered
Occupation unknown
Age unknown
Cardinal of the catholic church
Beheaded 2 criminals at the Roman Carnival
Edmond`s jail friend
Educated Edmond while in jail
believed to be crazy
Suffered Strokes
Made Edmond rich by telling him where the Faria secret treasure was located
Lover of Madame Danglars
Associat of The Count of Monte Cristo
Hated Baron Danglars
Manages the Telegraph wires in paris
Age unknown
Age unknown
Occupation unknown
Age unknown
Royal Itailian
Father of prince Andrea Cavalcanti
Very Wealthy
Prince of Royal Family
Son of Major Cavalcanti
Age unknown
Formerley engaged to Eugiene Danglars
Very rich
Former shipowner of The Phareon
Worked with Edmond Dantes
Age unknown
Was thrown overboard and drowned by 2 cannonballs tied around his ankles
Albert`s bestfriend
Witnesses Alberts duel with The count of Monte Cristo
Age unknown
Very wealthy
Villefort`s family doctor
friend of the Villefort Family
Diagnoses Barrios death
Age unknown
Medical Doctor
The Count`s Greek slave
Daughter of Ali pasha
Protests against Fernand in court for revenge of Ali Pasha
age unknown
Loves The Count of Monte Cristo
Told Madame Danglars to sell all of her spanish bonds at any price
Age unknown
Occupation unknown
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