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No description

Sam H

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Burgerman

let me tell you the story of a burger. my life has been ruled by puns. high school Boiled eggs The banana splits! college Communiteach this year future EdgeofCation and one more dan pollatta $305 million for AIDS ride across the United States
$600 million overall

from completely alternative means

"The cynics are our enemies just as much as disease"

sudan but who am I possibly? "Criticize by Creating" -- Michelangelo Already had 50 one-on-ones Plusses: Large network
Deltas: All through Burgerman
and later me me Plusses: Charismatic leader to follow
Delta: Can lose sight of purpose Plusses: Energy
Deltas: Many-directions are organizing the Harvard community
to raise $100,000 for Citizen's Schools
by mobilizing contributions from and
partnerships around Burgerman and
the marathon. am organizing the Burgerman team
to grow its organizing power and
people resources by refocusing
fundraising efforts into more complex
forms of participation. I We The Burger Team Sam Novey
Burgerman Layla Amjadi
Press Phillip Parham
Citizen's Schools Liason Cristi Morrisey
Event Planner Victor Wong
Fundraising Coordinator Sam Haynor
People Resources
Video team Katie McCabe
Campus Organizer Plusses: Well-defined roles
Deltas: Didn't meet for long time Theory of Change 1. We need community-based education.
2. Citizen's Schools provides that, but needs money.
3. People want to belong to spectacular things.
2. Make that thing Burgerman and Citizen's Schools.
3. Have that participation include a donation. Pledges Kickoff with Shakes Junior Parent's weekend Publicity Week Spring Break Race the Green Line Fundraising Week Boston
Marathon! WoW Event The Burgerman Campaign Week 3 Week 12 Week 11 week 10 week 9 week 8 week 7 week 6 week 5 week 4 week 13 B.Good pledge for marathon sponsorship,
Also pledges to host Saturday runs with Sam Sam pledges to run class
for Citizen's Schools on burgers Plusses: Sponsorship important, gave headquarters, and class purpose
Deltas: Not many there to celebrate, also only focus on Story of Self
large happenings before leadership team
Me: Team vs. individual 500 shakes distributed
$700 donated
300 emails, each with
idea contribution Plusses: Got large base for email
Deltas: Donation station set-up,
the ask, and

Crowd member:
Me: Numbers vs. Depth Drew Faust Endorsement 60 person run Plusses: Publicity went up
Deltas: No follow-up from Faust
Also run committments
Me: Excitement vs. Commitment Washington Post
Youtube gains 1,000 views Plusses: Rallied large public support
Deltas: Focused attention on man
versus mission
Me: Press vs. People
Burgerman in Hong Kong Resources:

1000 person email list
Wide popularity on Harvard Campus
Sponsorship from b.good
Partner with Citizen's Schools
Interest from Nike, Heintz, Game Show Network


Mobilizing people into funds into more people power
Good communication on leadership team
Directness of committment and expectations Plusses: Gain momentum to marathon
Deltas: More publicity surrounding, no
big asks

Me: Counsel vs. Actor Boston Globe
Boston Metro
Google News
BU Newspaper
Harvard Crimson
CNN City Council Stop the Bop $500
Burger Jam in Allston $400
Burgerman Brunch at UNO's $400
Fenway Park fundraiser $700
Citizen's School Gala $300
Burger Bar at Tommy Doyle's $1200
The Game Show Network $5000
Houses fundraiser $500
Plusses: $9000 in six days
Deltas: Diffuse fundraising,
money not people
Me: Energizing vs. Draining $ People in out could use this sector Leadership Team
finished together

Spirit was incredible
Fundraising missed

Plusses: Incredible day for team success, film and national support
Deltas: Celebration, norms
Me: Caring for team vs. Caring for mission Celebration at b.good I am here Energy
Adaptability Thought
Focus Questions: "How do we join in on someone else's dream and yet also
make it our own?"

"How do we balance our efforts in places where we see
greatest need versus where we think we can make the
largest impact?" Plusses: Energy
Deltas: Everything, but that is the joy of it All action, no meet
and little celebration Time is a cycle (weekly runs)
Time is an arrow (events) stories of the possible $15,000 so far X X I'm possible " " I listen to
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