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All About Me

No description

Dakenya Peoples

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of All About Me

It's All about Me!!!<3<3<3 I see my self Helping the children that need help. Taking care of my own family & building up my Community. Also working with my fashion line. In 15 years I see my self Favorite Colors Purple
Who are My Heros? My Mom, why because she has put so much love in my life. She also understands me.She's a hard working women. My Aunt, why because she's like my other mom, well when I can't talk to my mom about things she's the one that i talk to. She also my sneekie mom. On My Favorite Summer Vacation I went to Tennessee with my Granny, Grandad,and Uncle. This is my favorite vacation because,this was before she Passed away. My Friends Taysha
Shire My immediate Family Mom:Kesha, Sisters: Drika,Tizzle,Quetta,TeeTee,QueQue
Brothers:LIL Red,RicRic,Buggy
Nephews:Quezy Kay'D, JohnJohn and 4 more nephews but I dont know there names. My dream summer vacation!! Is to go and spend my time with my love D.Rose My 5 favorite singers or musicains Tyga Micheal Jackson Future 2 Chains Curtis My 5 favorite songs HOTBOI Mike & Fatz RIP Song My favorite classes in school..... Math:Miss.Williams
Technology:Mr.Ford My Oldest Friend.... IS my sister. Taysha Dakenya Peoples My Favorite T.V. shoes are... Law and Order Face off Scared Straight The corner The wire My Favorite movies Secret life of Bees, I am Legend Takers Step up 2 Think Like A MAn 5 Favorite Songs!!!! Jennifer Hudson:Think like a Men.. HOTBOIMIKE & FATZ: R.I.P SONG M.B.Ent & Myio Church song Kirk Franklin: Something about the name Jesus Jawnan Harris: Kesha My Dream Car... Chrysler 300 With a wet Paint job. Rainy Saturday Benya Bonwie 10/5/2012 My dream car Chrysler with a Wet paint job. Dream Vacation... On my dream vacation I would like to go to Hawaii and spend it with D.Rose... Sleep Dance Sing Eat Watch T.V On a Rainy Saturday Dakenya Peoples AKA
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