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Narrabeen Man

No description

Year 6 2015

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Narrabeen Man

When and where was Narrabeen Man found
when and where was otzi the iceman found.
How Narrabeen Man died and what was used to kill
the difference in the each one died
What weapons were used to kill Otzi?
In January 2005, the remains were found in narrabeen south Sydney. The workers found the bones 9 meters underground. The bones being 9 meters the sea level might have been 1.5 meters higher than it is today. logged in the spine of Narrabeen man were small sharp stones showed that he was hit by death spears several times in the back and through the stomach were found, but one more spear was used in the murder of narrabeen man.
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Otzi the iceman was found on the 19Th of September,1991 at 1:30pm in the otztal alps in Austria by two hikers on there way down from the peek of the mountain. The hikers that found the body thought that it was an unfortunate hiker, but when sentience examined it and ran test on the body of Otzi they found out that the body dated back to 3300BCE. They went in to a further investigation into what happened to Otzi the iceman. The position Otzi was found in answered the question that with a sharp spear end logged in his shoulder showed that Otzi was murdered and did not fall to his death.
i believe that the weapon used to kill narrabeen man was a death spear, but not just one spear was used to kill him, but several were used. The artifacts that were found logged in the spine showed that he was hit from the front and the back. One of the spears bounced of his head and another weapon was used to knock him down. i believe that he was hit from the front and the spear went though the internal organs and in to the spine. another spear hit him in the upper spine and the thired hit the back of the skull and rejected off and some other weapon was used to kill him.
difference docent just lie in the where about's, where they were found. but the way that all the injuries they had and the tools and weapons used to kill ether Narrabeen Man or Otzi the iceman. the time different time each one was alive and the climate that they lived in was completely
the artifact that was found logged in the shoulder of otiz shows that he was hit by an arrow and injured not by a fall but from someone else around the time he died. The fractured ribs showed that otzi could have fallen to his death, but that was ruled out when they found the arrow head logged in his shoulder. with the arrow head logged in the shoulder of otzi, a whole lot of new theories were thought of about how otzi died all those years ago. the cuts on his had might have been from the dagger he had carried with him and the broken ribs.
Narrabeen Man comparison

By: Cale Oborne
By Cale Oborne
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