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Career Shadowing at a Private Seamstress

I shadowed Julie Green.

Breanna Dennes

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at a Private Seamstress

I shadowed a seamstress named Julie Green. Career Shadowing #2
Breanna Dennes She sews different things, like purses, vests, etc. She also makes quilts. The purpose of this company is to make unique handmade items to please her customers. In 15 years, this company will most likely still be a one-person business. My mentor hopes to still enjoy sewing and quilting in 15 years, for it is her hobby. There are really no employability skills involved. She does have to have her 'assigned work' done, and 'turned in' on time. She also has to be respectful to her customers. You need to know how to read patterns, and how to sew on a sewing machine. You should also probably have a high school degree, and maybe even a degree in business. She usually charges $15-$30 a bag, and more for quilts. I would like to have this job, becaus I like to sew and make things, and it looks like fun. However, I am low in the patience department, and sewing requires patience, and a relatively long attention span, whihc I don't have either. She uses a high tech sewing machine, phones, and computers to sell her artwork. She needs to be good at sewing, and able to sew a straight line. She must be able to communicate with customers in a postive way, otherwise she won't ever make a sale. The thing I liked the most about this job is that she was able to be her own boss, and be doing the things she loves to do at the same time. The thing I dislike about it is the patience factor. I'm completely imaptient.
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