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UPDATED: Parent Orientation 2016 with FLY in 4

No description

Jocelyn Henssler

on 20 July 2017

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Transcript of UPDATED: Parent Orientation 2016 with FLY in 4

Important Policies
Academic Cycle
Parent Orientation
Repeat Policy
Leave of Absence
Excused Withdrawal
Incomplete Coursework
Academic Advising
at Temple University
Family Educational Rights
Privacy Act
Academic Advising at Temple
Course selection
schedule revisions
Change/Declaration of program
Study abroad planning
Graduation clearance
Dedicated advising for Honors, Student-Athletes, Veterans, Pre-Health Professions, & Undecided Students (Academic Resource Center)
Add/Drop Period
Course Withdrawal
Priority Registration
How does your student determine what courses to take each semester?
Undergraduate Bulletin
DARS - Degree Audit Reporting System
Meet with Departmental or Faculty Advisor to discuss courses in major
Schedule an academic advising appointment with school/college advisor
Refer to absence policy on course syllabus
Contact the instructor
(via email as soon as possible)
Email the instructor any assignments that were due that day
Get notes from classmate or Blackboard
Contact Academic Advisor if experiencing chronic or reoccuring illness
How can you help?
Encourage your student to:
Advocate for themselves
Be proactive
Be informed about program requirements, policies, & deadlines
Utilize campus resources
Engage with the institution/community
Register for a Freshmen Seminar
Stay at school the first few weeks
Speak with Instructors & Teacher Assistants when struggling
Find a buddy in each class
Visit an advisor at least once a semester
* Stay connected with your student and
engage him/her in thinking ahead.
Academic Standing
Good Academic Standing
Academic Warning
Academic Probation
Academic Dismissal
Change of Program
COP session - brief orientation
Tuition changes
Admission requirements vary amongst schools/colleges
New degree requirements (total credits and GPA)
New advisor
What happens if your student misses a class
because he/she is sick?
Tutoring and Academic Support Resources
Disability Resources
Academic Resource Center
Ombudsperson (Grievance inquiries)
Writing Center
Education Abroad Office
Peer Academic Coaches through the Center for Learning and Student Success (C.L.A.S.S.)

 Registration policies for special session courses (7A, 7B, etc.) can be found on the Office of the University Registrar’s website
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