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The White Umbrella

No description

Mikayla Russell

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of The White Umbrella

Protagonist: Older sister
Antagonist: Older sister
Conflict: (Internal Conflict) The older sister is upset about her family and how it functions. She is also very upset that her mom is working.
"Why shouldn't I, all mothers work"
(page 417)
It was raining in the evening. From the evidence it's probably spring.
Point of View
Rising action- Both sisters walk to their piano lesson at 4:00pm. "The lesson didn't begin until 4."
The older sister sees her friends umbrella and really likes it.
They go outside to wait for their mom after their lesson.
Turning Point- When miss Crossman gives her the umbrella.
Falling Action- Their mom pulls up to pick them up." Lights on my mothers car cautiously turned the corner."
The older sister put the umbrella in her skirt.
The car wrecked, she threw the umbrella down the sewer.
Resolution- She doesn't really care about what her mom does anymore.

The White Umbrella.
By: Gish Jen

"It's going to rain." (pg.417)
About the author
: Gish Jen grew up New York. She said another writer told her, "making fiction is like making soup." There's a lot of different ingredients.

They walked to their piano lesson at four.
"her lesson didn't begin until 4." (pg.417)
They went outside to wait for their mom to come.
"the steps were dry when we sat down waiting for mom."(pg.420)
The story is told in 1st person, we think its told that way because throughout the story the main character is telling us the story from her perspective.
"I looked at the keyboard, wishing that I had still a third, even more difficult piece to play for her." (page 420)
"I wanted to tell her that I was the school spelling bee champion, that I wasn't ticklish, that I could do karate." ( page 420)
Basic plot of the story.
Their mom pulls up to pick them up.
"lights on my mothers car cautiously turns the corner." (pg.423)
This is an internal conflict because she is upset with her family. The fact that her mother always works really gets to her.

"I remembered how sorry my parents had felt for Mrs. Lee when she started her new job as a waitress downtown a year before; When my mother had been coming home late, I didn't say anything." (pg.417)

"Why shouldn't I, all mothers work." (pg.417)
The theme is that you have to accept what you have to do, to do what you want.
We think this is the theme because her mom has to work to get the money and the older sister wants things for Christmas that she cant have unless her mom works.
"I looked at it again, toying with the idea of asking for one for Christmas." (page 419)
"I knew, however, how my mother would react." (page 419)
Literary Techniques
New Vocabulary
Some of the literary techniques in the story are Imagery
"Lights on my mothers car cautiously turned the corner" (page 423)
"The umbrella glowed like a scepter on the blue carpet" (page 418)
"This isn't a boot camp." (page 419)

"When I was twelve my mother went to work without telling me or my little sister." (pg.417)

This makes the reader wonder why their mother left and didn't tell them.
Discreet- careful about what one says or does.
Credibility- believability
Revelation- something that suddenly becomes known.

Mrs Weaks.
"I stared into the empty street.The rain was prickling me all over; I was cold; I wanted to go inside." (pg.422)

This makes the reader visualize what the weather was like and what she felt like.
"This is the most beautiful umbrella I have ever seen." "Ever in my life." (pg.423)
This makes the reader feel excited for her.
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