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ADHD Treatment Through Exercise

No description

Evelyn Thorne

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of ADHD Treatment Through Exercise

inattentive parents
incompetent teachers
poorly organized schools
intolerance of childish high spirits
Over diagnosis
ADHD Treatment Through Exercise
Evelyn Thorne
Athletic Healthcare and Fitness II
Thanks to Mentor
A big thanks to Tiffany Thorne for helping me with my research paper.
Why I chose this Topic
I chose this topic because I'm interested in the subject of ADHD, and I wanted to learn more about treatments.
What is ADHD?
According to the American Psychiatric Association:

“ADHD is a behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging."
Symptoms of ADHD
Socially Inept
Trouble Concentrating and Easily Distracted
More Symptoms
Children with ADHD tend to be hyper aroused. When tired instead of slowing down, they mask their tiredness with hyperactive behavior, seemingly energetic when it actually is the opposite.
The Center for Disease Control reports that almost 1 in 10 children have ADHD
How is it diagnosed?
The American Psychiatric Association says to be diagnosed, six symptoms of inattention, and six symptoms of hyper-actvity or impulsivity must be recognized for a period of six months to a degree inconsistant with their devlopmental level

The CDC reports there is a 30% chance that a person who is related to a parent, sister or child with ADHD also has the disorder

There is no cure for ADHD
Instead there are various methods to manage symptoms
Two types of therapies, medicating and behavioral intervention, and a combination of both
Release, reabsorption, and breakdown of the neurotransmitter dopamine is found to be abnormal in those with ADHD
Stimulant medication is common
Works by promoting release and preventing reabsorption
Stimulant Drugs
Work similarly to cocaine
Concerns of being a gateway drug
Possibility raising the risk of addiction in adulthood
Stimulant Drugs and Competition
Considered an advantage in competition so they are strictly regulated
World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) do not tolerate the use of stimulants
Stimulant Drugs and Competition cont'd
NCAA allows the use of stimulants
Athlete must provide evidence of clinical assessment to diagnose the disorder, and is being monitored routinely
Lifestyle Changes as Therapy
Medication only masks symptoms of ADHD so never able to learn to overcome disorder
Extra sleep
Orderly and organized environment - field, home, school
Routine and structure
Exercise as Therapy
Daily exercise is important
Sports offer the appropriate structure be successful
Facilitate peer relationships
Outlet for pent-up energy and aggression
Self esteem boost
Rigid practice schedules don't allow time for drugs, drinking and other unsavory activities
Incentive to stay out of trouble
Behavioral Differences
Sports are beneficial, but differences can be frustrating for coach, parents and athlete
Boys with ADHD tend to have a higher rate of disqualification
Behavioral Differences
low frustration tolerance
difficulty following directions
difficulty understanding game strategies and plays
hyperfocus on enjoyable activities
How to Succeed
Coaches should educate themselves about the disorder
Surround athlete with other on task athletes
Put them at the front of the group
Talk one on one to makes sure directions are understood
Outline expectations and respective consequences
The Right Fit
Individual sports are most often suggested
Team atmosphere is present but with individual instruction
Community Component
I made an information sheet about what ADHD was and how to recognize it and how to create an environment that promotes success. I handed out the paper to my coach and athletic trainers at school
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