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Dune 2016 Collection

No description

Dune Ceramica

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Dune 2016 Collection

basically they coincided in their analysis that, for both fw14/15 and ss 2015, the main ranges would be:
Moreover, we can also see the styles that, in terms of fashion and decoration are marking the tendencies, taking our inspiration from:

the most successful (the most repeated in different sectors)
those that can be best expressed in DUNE products:
+ decoration
shows 2014-15
f/w 2014-15 s/s 2015
inspire our creations
and at DUNE we are
What were the INSPIRATIONS that we received?

How did we convert them into novelties?
and so, with our goal of sharing many projects with
you, we present our INSPIRATION, the life of our 2016 Collection
thank you!

obsessed about the present to forsee the future
If we manage today's information properly of what triumphs today in these industries, we will know what will succeed tomorrow in our market
cinema and
= inspiration for our new 2016 collection
such as PANTONE
o Colour Solution International
colour influences us emotionally
it helps us to express our personality
we have to choose carefully the
to launch the product: our customers need some time to assimilate the trends they have seen in other industries,

if we go too fast we can fail and"burn" the product before the market is ready to accept and like it
neutral colours, as a basic pallet: toasted almond,
glacier grey, aluminium

Vintage has been with us now for various
seasons, taking on new forms: Rustic chic,
reinterpreting the decoration of country
houses, shabby chic, in which distressed
effects predominate, with a touch of
distinction, or the romantic style of
France or the English countryside...
BOHO, SHABBY but always CHIC
The three R’s = REDUCE + RECYCLE+ REUSE,
form part of a lifestyle that marks this tendency...
and have inspired some of
our most original novelties:
for the new collection
we have chosen these 4:
inspired in reused
demolition wood
where we play with the textures
of natural travertine
fashion and decoration are becoming more"masculine", the talk is of masculine style, where sobriety, minimalism and purity of line are the general tonic
DKNY or Ralph Lauren, among others introduced masculine looks at their fw 2014 collections
the talk is also about style
Modernisation of the Classic concept, adopting sophisticated forms, though perhaps with greater simplicity than in previous seasons.

Glory Strips
For Classic lovers
DUNE are launching their
series, with decorative
proposals ranging from
the most restrained reliefs
to gold in all its sumptuous variety.
Galena Ivory
Volume and 3D effects reach the catwalk
affecting our taste.
at DUNE we’ve signed up to this tendency with
our SHAPES series
Our goal is to offer solutions for projects,
both residential and business based, tools that
will allow professionals from all over the world
to let their imaginations soar

plus colours to mark the accent, such as Marsala, Tangerine, Custard or Classic and Royal Blue

METALLIC colours are due special mention, they’ve never gone away but now they’re picking up strength
if we look at what the world’s leading colour experts have to say

Chanel, Carolina Herrera
or Gucci, among others,
are modernising their
Classics, and
using the neutral
tones seen above.
Timeless elegance
is the common
denominator, with
decoration varying
from the most minimalist
ambiences to Versace’s
golds and grecas.
without forgetting “retro” objects, their pastel tones and a romantic touch of the English countryside
hipster mist
Hipster Smoke
, with a touch of MARSALA colour
simple brick decoration
with a shabby or distressed touch
or a subtle mosaic to bring out the light:
cement, paper, fabrics
are all proposing 3D forms
all dressed up
in origami
based pleats
but without forgetting metallics,
applicable to every style...
for HOME renovations
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