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The Food Web of the Pineywoods

No description

Rose Reavis

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Food Web of the Pineywoods

By: Gloria Reavis
The Piney Woods
Food Web The Sun The Button Bush Red Mulberry American Beauty Berry The White-Tailed Deer Common
Fox Eastern
Rabbit Coyote Eastern Harvest
Mouse Cotton Mouth
Snake Bacteria Decomposer Secondary Consumer Primary Consumer Producer Producer Secondary Consumer Primary Consumer Producer Primary Consumer Secondary Consumer 3rd Period Herbivore Carnivore Herbivore Omnivore Herbivore Carnivore Characteristics of the...

Piney Woods! A thicket of pine trees the piney woods expands into Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Split into two sections there is the swampy area (in the lower elevation,) and the "Big Thicket" (in the higher elevation.) The rainfall average is usually between 40 and 52 inches per year. www.tpwd.state.tx.us www.wildflower.org texastreeid.tamu.edu
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