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Expanding Journalism

No description

Kayla Whitney

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Expanding Journalism

Kayla Whitney
Tips for online reporting:
Breaking the story:
•When you have a lead that you know is true, break the news on Facebook and Twitter
•As the story develops, post more information in increments
•Once you and your team have taken the time to compile a story, post it to your publications website and tag it on your social media platforms

The Expanding World of Media
A Look at how technology is changing the face of media and the way we deliver the news
The internet is a vast and scary place
Where is the audience?
There are tons of sights out there trying to get people's attention, which makes it difficult for media/journalists to know where their readers are.
News as a conversation
The ethics of online reporting:
•The SPJ Code of Ethics still needs to be honored.
•Don't risk being the first to post without knowing the truth. Be the first to be right.
•The AP Stylebook has an entire section on social media guidelines. LOVE IT!
•Professional social media is a tool to deliver the news, not for personal space.
•You are what you post and can still be charged with libel, slander and defamation.
Be on all the platforms and be ready to go where the readers go.

Don't forget about your own website. Online reporting isn't all about social media.

Stay aware of your web analytic and know the numbers/followers/stats of the web.

Make yourself a jack of all trades.

Be visual:
The Internet allows us infinite space, don't fill it with grey text. People want and LOVE visuals. Use videos, podcast, photos, graphics, etc.

Presentation website: prezi.com

Resources: www.wsj.com
"JournalismNEXT" by Mark Briggs
"Online Journalism" Richard Craig
"Excellence in Online Journalism" by David Craig
Kayla Whitney
The Metropolitan




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