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Senior Project: Tattoo Artist

Senior project is to show what you are doing after high school

Jessie Fincher

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project: Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist Jessica Fincher
Senior Project
2012-2013 Why Tattooing
and how? What I've learned. My Mentor: What I
Learned from him. What I learned Future impact: Sanitation Methods Steps to mastering
the art. History Why? Interests: Facts about me. Plans After School A Little About Me. -passionate about music, art, and traveling.

-One day, I want to go around the world and see all the different cultures, especially their art and music. -Go to Trident Tech to study fine arts

-Become tattoo artist

-open shop I have 1 dog, 5 cats, a turtle and a sugar
glider. -Expresses the creativity of the artist

-Make people happy

-Growing industry and it will need more artists -Draw continuously and create a portfolio

-Find an artist and establish an apprenticeship with the

-Finish the apprenticeship in a year and become an
artist. -Tattoos go as far back as the B.C ages.

-Were originally used as religious or spiritual

-Sailors and people in circuses used them for
self expression. -Wear gloves before each tattoo.

-Clean every tool used with alcohol.

-Use new needles for each tattoo. -Kevin V. , the owner of Roses and Ruins
- Has 20 years experience
-Was the only artist who wanted to shadow a future
-Taught me about the sanitation methods and the tattooing process. -It takes patience and determination to become
a tattoo artist
-Have to get an apprenticeship and a license to tattoo
-Have to have a lot a drawing experience to be a tattoo
artist -Makes me want to become a tattoo artist more Thank you for your time. Any questions? What Surprised me? -The "Tattoo Gun" is actually called a "Tattoo Machine"
-You have to have at least a year of apprenticeship to become an artist.
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