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Welcome to the Podcast Lesson Plan

No description

Angelique Perricelli

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the Podcast Lesson Plan

Group B: Welcome to Night Vale
Welcome to the small town of Night Vale. Cecil will be your radio host.
Night Vale is having just a normal day as ever with Old Lady Josie's angels, the dog park that doesn't allow dogs and that nobody is supposed to know about, and the continued reminder that there is no such thing as mountains when something very strange happens.
A sandstorm hits Night Vale and suddenly everyone is seeing double.
Listen to the episode assigned to your group. Desert Bluffs has 19B- The Sandstorm while Night Vale has 19A- The Sandstorm.
Get together in your groups to note as many strange or significant facts about characters and their roles as possible.
Use these notes to write a brief statement about what you think of your town and what is going on.
Figure out where these doubles are coming from.
Where are these doubles coming from?
The class will be split into two groups and be assigned either group A or group B.
Each group will listen to their assigned episode.
Each person in the group will take notes on their episode and then write a brief statement using the worksheet provided.
The two groups will come together to discuss their towns and then try to piece together if the doubles just randomly appeared or if there was more going on all along.
They will write their final decisions on the back of their worksheets.
Group A: Welcome to Desert Bluffs
Welcome to the small town of Desert Bluffs. Your radio host will be Kevin.
It is just a normal day for Desert Bluffs where the walls are covered in blood, their town is run by StrexCorp Synernists Incorporation, and radioactive four-armed deer roam around when something very strange happens.
A sandstorm hits the town and suddenly everyone is seeing double.
19A- The Sandstorm
19B- The Sandstorm
For 12th grade students
By Angelique Perricelli
Feel free to write extra
notes on the back of
the worksheet about
other facts you find
interesting or

Citizens of Desert Bluffs and Night Vale, you have survived the sandstorm without getting killed by your double.
You have probably figured out why you had a double at all or just wish to remain peacefully unaware.
Whatever the case is, you will now be able to solve the many more strange cases that continue to persist in your towns.

Good luck.
This webquest incorporates the strange radio podcast called Welcome to Night Vale. It is based on the North Carolina Study for English Literature of the 12th grade student level by incorporating key ideas and details where the students need to analyze the information in depth and cite strong evidence while also incorporating the integration of knowledge and ideas by analyzing multiple versions of a story. The webquest should take 1-2 classes to complete.

My contact information should
you have any questions:
Angelique Perricelli
Night Vale Podcast
The podcast is free on iTunes podcasts.
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