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Big Cities

No description

Direct English

on 10 November 2018

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Transcript of Big Cities

Big Cities
Get some Vocabulary
Practice and use the following words as you go through the class
Warm up
Find a talk partner and work together in the following questions one by one.
Grammar Review
Review the following chart with your classmates and coach
Listening and Comprehension
Watch the video and work on the activities required.
Check this out
Learn some facts about ranking of the 50 biggest cities in US
After this lesson students will be able to:
- talk about main cities in the states
- mention some stories about famous cities
- differentiate between cities and towns

Learn how to use these words and the differences


Speed Bump:

Rush hour:




Where do prefer to live in the city or in the country side?

In your point of view what makes a big city?

Do you think living in a fast place is good?

What is the biggest city from US?
Learn and practice the correct pronunciation of the following cities
Job interview questions
Time to practice more, get up and ask your partner these questions
Tell me about your biggest achievement in life.

Describe your favorite celebrity and why is your favorite celebrity.
Get up and answer the following things to your couple in a clear and confident way. don't waste time and do your best. 45 seconds non stopping.
Mention the cheapest cities in the US and some facts or attractions they have.
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