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Grammar Introduction

No description

Ami-lyn Ward

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of Grammar Introduction

The Magic of Grammar Sentences are the mind--in language! Four level analysis You need grammar! grammar is a way of thinking about language "Grammar is an intellectual pocketknife; it is small, easily purchased, and so useful that one would not dream of being without it." Think about language in four different but interconnected ideas:
1. parts of speech
2. parts of sentence
3. phrases
4. clauses Once you understand the four levels of our language, you can do things that were impossible before! You can write clear sentences; you can say things in fewer words, which makes ideas stronger; you can understand how to make a sentence more beautiful; you can avoid mistakes. Grammar is a magic lens for self-exploration; it really does teach you how to think. ~From The MAgic Lens by Michael Clay Thompson
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