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The History of Tattoos

No description

Christina Corbett

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of The History of Tattoos

Hundred Years of Tattoos Video
Are There Any Health Risks?
Infections Cont.
Safe Practices
Ask what chemicals are in the ink to avoid allergic reactions.
Make sure the tattoo parlor is sanitary.
Uses sterile needles
does not use illegal ink
Heal the tattoo properly
Use the best method for your specific tattoo.
Miami Ink
-Tattoo artists have become celebrities
Kat Von D
- Promotes the fact that tattoos are for everyone
unique, custom artwork
- Shows general public a look at the inside of the tattoo parlor an the tattooing process
Taboo and unknown in the past
- Shaped society's view of tattoos
What is A Tattoo?
A tattoo is a permanent ink mark found on the surface of the skin. It can be black and white or colored.
From Ancient Times to Now
The History
of Tattoos

The two methods of applying tattoos are stick-and-poke and an electric machine.
3100 BC to present day
Otzi the Iceman
Brought to US and England
World War II
-found in Otzal Alps between Austria and Italy
-well preserved skin
-61+ tattoos

-2400 BCE
-women with tattoos were often prostitutes and of low social status
-religion, healing, medicine
-mummies with tattoos that date back to 2100 -550 BC
-Ci Shen
-bandits and criminals
-300 AD
-negative stigma similar to China
-social status
-popular among tribes
-Pacific Ocean
-over 2,000 years ago
-Christian missionaries thought it was bad
-negative attitude relaxed overtime
-Polynesian island
-popularity has never declined
-skill passed down father to son
-hours spent each day practicing skill
-pe'a & malu
-rank and status
-celebrates dedication and tradition
-took a year to heal, 5 sessions to cover body
-Polynesian island
-1778, James Cook

-lizards and crescents were tattoos only for people of the highest rank
-men's tattoos vs women's tattoos
-explorers brought back to US and England
-advance in technology led to mass production of unique tattoos
-1846, Martin Hildebrant
-King Edward VII
-"Golden Age" for tattoos
-tattoos of nude women
-society and culture
-big role in war
-masculinity and accomplishments

Celebrity Ink
Angelina Jolie
Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees
helps destroy negative stereotype of tattoos
popularized meaningful tattoos
TREND: coordinate tattoos
Angelina Jolie cont.
promotes that tattoos are expressive and sentimental
TREND: tattoos in other languages
David Beckham
David and his wife, Victoria, got matching tattoos on their 6th wedding anniversary
signifies devotion to each other
TREND: matching couple tattoos
"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine"
David Beckham cont.
Seven- Harper Seven, Manchester United
Tattoos and the Internet
147 million tattoo related searches on Google each month
There are three common infections that one can develop from a tattoo.
Granulomas: excess granulation tissue causes large bumps
Keloids: collagen type one replaces tissue of a healed skin injury, which causes a scar to form
Hypertrophic Scars: excess collagen raises the skin
Recent poll taken says women have more tattoos than men now
Poll (Best Ink) surveyed over 1,000 men & women
59% of women have tattoos than 41% of men
men usually get broader bigger tattoos that can be seen
women tattoos are more of a shared experience/ sentimental
Tattoos are becoming more acceptable in the world
89% of the people who have tattoos don't care if anyone doesn't like their body art
46% said they would show their tattoos to their bosses
40% of women with tattoos got them as a shared experience
Are Tattoos Addicting?
article about man named Micah Herman
Has over 30 tattoos and about to get a head tattoo
Micah is one of 45 million people who have tattoos in the United States
Micah is also a part of the 32% of Americans who have an addiction to getting tattoos

The big question that has been asked all along is, are tattoos really addictive. Some feel like the word addiction is thrown out to frequently
describe the pain that comes with a tattoo is like a rush
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