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Site /be


Nuno Bacharel

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Site /be

The macro marketing mix of Belgium makes it a potential test market for firms wishing to market their products on a global scale. Belgium can be regarded as a miniature Europe as it exhibits most of the economic and consumption trends in the region. Its macro marketing elements, however, typify a small but rich consumption society, such as its highly developed retail trade and extensive product offerings, minimal promotional costs and strong price competition in key industries.
We are not communicate to 6 million people...
we don´t have a flemish site...
why we should have one...
The Office Think / BBDO surveyed the confidence of the Belgians in the brands. Supermarkets come out winners. Telecoms, energy and cosmetics are losers… The study conducted by the agency, reveals a strong correlation between the confidence index of a brand and word-of-mouth that creates: more a brand is reliable, more customers will advise the around them.
Having a site “.be” is showing confidence to all costumers that doesn´t know the brand, because places Martifer Solar in a national profile, that give confidence, approach and make it easier to do business.
For those who don´t know the brand, having a website “/be” is important because it allows to give all the information’s in Flemish without requiring extra effort on the part of the reader. Note that Flemish language in spoken as official language in Belgium for more than 6 millions that means 60 % of the population.
This is relevant not only to the understanding of brand but also to the products and projects where Martifer is involved and a bridge for the fast transmission of information to the costumer’s target.
Having the site Flemish is an asset for Martifer stand out from the competitors. There are 498 energy companies in Belgium, and it is important to be accessible to many people as possible, because each person is a potential customer. It is unusual but it is possible that there are some people who do not know English, and that people will not be our client, but will chose one of the other 498 companies...
Looking to the future...
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