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Beatriz Martín Seguer

on 16 July 2016

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Transcript of Bollywood


Slumdog Millionaire
“Slumdog Millionaire” is the title of the famous film that won 8 Academy Awards “Oscars” in 2009.
• Country: England and India.
• Year: 2008.
• Language: English, Hindi, French.
• Setting: India.
• Plot: it is the story of a young man who appears in the TV contest “Who wants
to be a millionaire?”

The name Bollywood comes from the words “Bombay” and “Hollywood”.
• BOMBAY: is the old name for the city Mombay.
• HOLLYWOOD: is the center of the American film industry.

Mumbai is the most populous city in India, and the second most populous city in the world with 14 million of people. It is the center of the Bollywood film industry.
“Bollywood is the film industry that makes films in Hindi language. Hindi is the most important language in India.
Bollywood is the biggest film producer in India and it usually includes some English language, songs and dances. Their films are mainly musicals such as the famous film “Slumdog millionaire”
Characteristics of the films:
►Costume changes
►Presence of a
hero or a heroine
►Boy meets girl formula
►Kissing is avoided

Jai Ho
“Jai Ho” is one of the main songs from the Slumdog Millionaire’s Original Soundtrack. It is a Hindi song composed by A. R. Rahman.
It is about a man who loves a woman and he sings to her.
Actors and actresses

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