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The Legalization of Marijuana: A Social Issue

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Gabby Sebok

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Legalization of Marijuana: A Social Issue

The Legalization of Marijuana: A Social Issue
Who It's really effecting...
Pretty much everybody...
History of Marijuana in America
Marijuana/hemp/cannabis products have been used in various way for numerous reasons through out the existence of humankind.
At one point in time, the Virginian Colony even passed a legislation the required all farms to grow hemp products for trade.
Post Mexican Revolution in 1910 resulted in many immigrants fleeing to the U.S and 'introducing' the culture of recreational use of Marijuana. This prejudice caused fear and was linked to serious crimes.
History Continued
During the Great Depression Marijuana got a bad wrap because people were afraid of the immigrants associated it. By 1931 29 states had outlawed the drug.
From then on society started to frown upon it and stricter laws were enacted through out the years.
Later on the DEA was established and continued to spread the disapproval of Marijuana. It slowly just became illegal.

Definition of a Social Issue
Social Issue- A condition affecting a significant number of people in ways considered undesirable about which something can be done through collective social action
Who you think it's effecting...
How it's affecting
Keeping a harsh ban on marijuana and it's products infringes on the potential benefits it could bring our country.
Marijuana helps: The economy and people with different health issues.
Health Benefits
Marijuana helps with such ailments as: Anxiety, Anorexia, Cancer, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Depression, Insomnia, HIV, Alzheimers, ADHD, Epilepsy, Concussions, Strokes, Diabetes and many more.
Economic Benefits
Hemp can provide safer alternatives to: Textiles, Fibers, Pulp and Paper, Construction Products, Clothing, Food, Plastics, and Live Stock Feed, as well as many serve many other purposes.
Functionalist Theory
It would help reform society's view on marijuana and bring forth the positive aspects of it's many uses.
If marijuana was legalized on a national level it would be regulated and profited off of, thus generating revenue. Recreational and non recreational users would be buying from legitimate sources and that would ultimately put drug dealers out of business.
That in turn would lower crime rate and non violent offenses brought on by drug charges.
There are many benefits as to why this would make society more functional.
Conflict Theory
This huge reform would change the way society is run as we know it.
New, possibly threatening, competition would be brought on to many pharmaceutical companies that profit from the way things run now.
Many conservative, "old school" citizens would be opposed to this.
Groups both government run and non government run to prohibit the use of marijuana would obsolete.
This is what people think a stereotypical marijuana user looks like. This is where the issue lies because this is what main stream media America has presented to the population. This is what people are tricked into thinking what will happen if you partake in the use of cannabis.
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