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HR Policies KFC & McDonalds

Recruitment, Selection and Training, Development

Ali Maan

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of HR Policies KFC & McDonalds

Early 1930s by Kernel Senders
Project of Mackenzie Restaurants International limited
Since 1997 in Pakistan
6000 people are employed currently
Government receives over Rs. 10 million per month as direct taxes
KFC is making monthly purchases of materials costing Rs. 35 million approx. Introduction Introduction One of the largest Fast Food Chain in the World
Since 1998 in Pakistan
Part of Lakson Group of Companies in Pakistan
Head office in Karachi
Regional office in Lahore Basic Objectives of HR Policies Support:
Provide coaching, leadership and operational support to employees. Optimistic Working Environment Successful implementation of policies
Opportunities for career development
Competitive compensation Basic Objectives of HR Policies Respect and Recognition
Values and Leadership Behaviors
Total Compensation
Learning, Development and Personal Growth
Resources to Get the Job Done Recruitment & Selection Recruitment Process of attracting qualified people for the job
Decentralized Process Internal Recruitment Promoting within the Company
Publicize their Jobs at www.jobswithkfc.com. External Recruitment Contacts with universities
Recruitment Events
Newspaper is used for job posting country-wide.
Banner ads
Recruitment is also done through internet.
Walk-In Resumes are also entertained
Offer Senior Executives of other Companies to Join KFC (For Executive Posts only) Selection Initial screening KFC Tests •Skills test
•Behavioral test
•Physical test KFC Interview Structured Interviews Unstructured Interviews Training & Development Training •Lectures
•On job training
•Job rotation
•Language programs Development Regular counseling and guiding
Organizing development programs Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Decentralized Hiring
Batch Hiring Recruitment Internal Recruitment Based on Past Performance
Post their jobs at www.mcdonalds2.rozee.pk External Recruitment Via Internet
Newspaper or Magazine ads
College Recruiting Selection Initial screening McDonald's Tests •Motor& physical skills (motion and movement skills)
•Personality (attitude test)
•Cognitive abilities (Aptitude and Intelligence test) Interviews Structured & Unstructured
Top Level & Lower Level Interviews Background Investigation Job applied for i.e. the experience of the employee for the job.
Relevant qualifications.
Previous Salary Training •Lectures
•On-The-Job Training
•Job Rotation
•Courses Development Crew leader development courses Summer crash courses Comparison Recruitment for executive post Interview Development Testing Interview Development Background
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