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population in brazil

No description

Jirat Suchato

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of population in brazil

Different regions in Brazil have different conditions which make some regions easier to live in than others which is why the population in Brazil is not distrubuted evenly.
Contrasting Conditions
The area is densely populated with vegation so it is hard to build roads leading to poor infrastructure therefore there are less inhabitants there. The soil in Amazonia is poor so little vegetation can be grown. The area is unhealthy to live in.
Comparison of Regions
Southeast Brazil
Population in Brazil
The relief is flat with a lot of drainage which means it is easier to create settlements so the area will be more devloped. The flat land also means it is easier to farm and grow vegetation. Southeast Brazil has benefited the most from help rom the Brazillian Government. Major cities in the Southeast include: Sao Paulo, Belo Horizante and Rio de Janeiro which are also the cities with the most economic acitivity in Brazil.
Northeast Brazil
The Northeast includes many harbours because it borders the ocean so it encourages trade in major port cities such as Fortaleza, Salvador, and Recife.
People have created settlements in the Northeast for trading purposes.

However, the Northeast is still less deveolped than Southeast Brazil, but more developed than Amazonia. Most peope living in Northeast Brazil live in slums called a Favela.
Southeast Brazil is the most denseley populaetd, followed by Northeast Brazil, and Amazonia, which has sparse population. The living conditions in the Southeast is the best whereas conditions in Amazonia and the Northeast are underdeveloped.
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