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Update to Commercial_13_01_2016

No description

John Barlow

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Update to Commercial_13_01_2016

Suppliers offering:
ISO Colour Standardisation Support
Key Messages – Quality Providers
You need a reliable partner delivering consistently high quality print consumables
You focus on quality and service, keeping up to date with the latest technology to maintain a quality and competitive advantage.
The best performing, most consistent range of sheetfed inks, chemicals and blankets in the industry, manufactured in our own production facilities.
Technical support and an exceptionally well trained sales team.
ISO Certified Mother Plants, owning all current quality and environmental accreditations as well as displaying a strong safety culture. From our Mother Plant Production Centres of Excellence, located in Europe, we offer consistent high quality products, that will greatly reduce your risk of quality defects.
From our ISO Certified Mother Plant Production Centres of Excellence, located in Europe, consistent high quality products
A financially secure long term partnership.
is the best quality provider
is a strong company investing in a quality product portfolio at the high end of the commercial market and we are looking to partner with quality winners
Flint group
The 7 core modules
Optimal logistic capability
Optimal colour management
& digital communication

Focus on Brand Management
and Integrity

Optimal ink management
& technical service

Optimal performance & efficiency
Focus on Cost Effective Manufacturing
Focus on the regulatory landscape and sustainability
Optimal sustainability
& regulatory footprint

Focus on Product Performance
Optimal product selection & innovation
Focus on Training
Optimal know-how & customer training
Focus on deep understanding of print technology
Working with our local supply chain partner we explore options
to increase supply efficiency – resulting in an SLA
Communications Platform
- Speeds up reaction time, provides a streamlined communication process - builds customer relationships
Colour Matching Support
- Match reference shades to agreed tolerances under agreed conditions. Prioritise high volume spot colours.
Colour Standardisation
- support with evaluation of the printing process in accordance with ISO 12647-2. Leading to a standardised printing process
Installing Best Practice
procedures in the press room – improves press life and optimises press performance.
Press chemistry audits
ensure maximum control of ink/water balance during production
Technical audits
helping to reduce press downtime and improve press efficiency
General Support
– to maximise press up-time
Comparison of
ink mileage
of process inks and the definition of cost
savings for customers
Root cause analysis for
press downtime
& identify potential improvements
Optimisation of printers’
IPA levels
to maximise cost savings benefits
Perfect Life Product Matrix
Supporting print shops to fulfill their obligations due to for e.g. REACH, environmental laws and occupational health regulations
Safety, Health & Environment
- helping print shops to fulfill official needs and customers’ wishes without having to hire qualified staff
Additional projects – e.g.
Optimise product packaging
to offer the most environmentally efficient supply to minimise PRC packaging disposal costs.
Reduce printers VOC output via
lower IPA levels
, enabling for improved alignment with local legislation demands.
– Specially designed Programs Developing Expertise.
Perfect Academy
Various training modules designed to Increase customers’ and dealers’ awareness of :
ISO 2846-1 & 12647-2
, and an explanation of their differences and of which is the right one to be used for various printing processes
Best Practice procedures in the press room
Service Hierarchy:Perfect Academy
PRC technology
to understand product requirements and function and how to best utilise PRC products.
Full product portfolio of our
transfer media product range
A structured approach to
cost improvement

from reliable and innovative products
Transitions business to Flint Group

- efficiently and in a way that minimises the impact on customer activities
Creates a road map to install Flint Group products as smoothly as possible – taking all the perceived disturbance caused by switching supplier out of the process.
A serious and deliverable approach to
sustainability, consumer
and their
regulatory obligations
Easy access to
technical know-how
and print
process training
Help minimise the emission of
in the pressroom to create a healthier work environment and minimise environmental damage
Key Messages
We give You...
Focus on Robust Supply Chain
– with bespoke product development
After working side-by-side in an “innovation workshop” we work to formulate products to support innovative solutions for both parties
Developing solutions to make your business better….
..Using our know-how to make them succeed
Drives OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY into the organisation - delivering cost saving activities & projects.
Perfect Force
Perfect Supply
Easy Supply Chain Delivering OPTIMAL LOGISTICS
Starting with a benchmarking exercise we select the optimised portfolio of products to deliver lowest cost to print/highest product quality - Inks, Coatings, Chemistry & Blankets
- with perfectly matched products.
Creating an OPTIMAL ENVIRONMENT - with SHE Project evelopment
Perfect Life
Focus on regulatory and sustainability
- Print Set - Up & Trouble Shooting
Perfect Support
Focus on deep understanding of print
Flint Group operates a platform that delivers consistent, reliable and accurate colour management, peace of mind and security, to converters and brand owners globally.
Perfect Colour
Focus on colour management
Perfect Technology
Focus on Robust Supply Chain
Blackmore Press – UK
Nigel Hunt, Production Director – Blackmore Press
Welcome to your Perfect World!
“We are very pleased with Flint Group’s support in helping us to meet the demanding ISO standard. They knew exactly what was needed to get ISO qualified!”

S. Wimmer – Richter Druck & Medien Center GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
What would your perfect world look like?
Focus on Product Performance
Service Hierarchy:Perfect Technology
Product Matrix
Leader in LED UV Technology
Focus on Training
KLS Grafisk Hus - Denmark
Flint Group’s XCURA portfolio of sheetfed inks and varnishes is at the forefront of the new technologies for product quality, stability and performance.

OEM Partners
Backed up by outstanding technical support and a vast range of perfectly matched blankets and chemicals, Flint Group is the leader in UV Technology

Totally Committed to Innovation!
- Estimated ink spend saving is €13,000 per year.
- Since converting to the Flint Group product PDC have also noticed improved wash intervals..
meaning less press downtime
- PDC then ran extended trials and also found the F950 offered better drying and scratch
resistance… so Flint Group was awarded the business
Flint have worked proactively with us both during the installation and subsequently in full production, to ensure that we remain happy with the process ink set and to trial and approve the various development improvements to the formulation that we have highlighted, as we gain more experience with the technology.
“KBA recommended Flint Group as their preferred LED-UV ink supplier after exhaustive trials and…. in our own detailed LED-UV trials …our expectations for pigment density and gloss levels had been best matched by the Flint set.
Flint's service led approach has helped us to very quickly become confident with the technology and their proactive technical assistance has been invaluable during our first 6 months with the LED-UV press.”

Knud-Erik Larsen - Managing Director

"Flint Group has shown clear commitment in helping us to drive the latest technology of an environmentally friendly printing process. They took a very practical approach to drive down cost and offered an optimized product selection, reducing our overall environmental impact without compromising the high quality demand from our customers"

"High-quality printed products and satisfied customers are the result of successful collaboration between Buchdruckerei Lustenau and Flint Group, which the F950 Plus Bio and C990 Protect Bio ink series, designed for the most innovative printing presses from Heidelberg deliver"

Successful collaboration with Buchdruckerei Lustenau - delivers customer satisfaction
Herr Fitz, Quality Manager, Buchdruckerei Lustenau
- Product Selection
Perfect Technology
- Action Log
- European Trial Template
- Chemical Audit Sheet
- KPI Monitoring Sheet
- Product Matrix
- UV Product Matrix
Highly Consistent based colour mixing systems - Easymix and Ecomix
more to come...
Flint Group delivers the widest range of print consumables of any manufacturer, working tirelessly with customers to create the best conditions and products for their needs
Flint Group
as a supplier, from transition of business to logistics and reliable communication, reduces switching impact and builds supply chain confidence.
Flint Group
is committed to technically supporting its customers and to delivering exceptional product performance at all times
Flint Group
works alongside customers’ continuous improvement teams to ensure our products fully underpin any and all efficiency drives in their organisations.
KPI Projects
leading to:
Flint Group is fully committed to helping customers attain their safety, health, environmental and sustainability goals.
Flint Group supporting Richter Druck to achieve ISO Accreditation
Focus on Cost Effective Manufacturing
Service Hierarchy:Perfect Force
Flint Group - Innovations partner, working together to quickly and reliably install new technology
Taking care of the environment as well as quality
Perfect Force
- Ink Mileage Improvement
- Cost Savings Calculator
- Ink Mileage PPT
- Mileage PDF
- Mileage Test on Press
Perfect Force - Project led cost savings
PDC Case Study
- The benchmark tests showed F950 has 8%-10% better mileage than any of the 3 from the
- Flint Group offered to run benchmark tests with 3 inks from the current supplier against
our recommendation for PDC’s application – Novavit F950 PLUS BIO – duct fresh series,
very fast setting and very good rub resistance
- PDC were experiencing quality issues (ink/water balance) with their incumbent ink supplier
Perfect Technology and Perfect Life
Cimpress Case Study
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