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Evolution of the Motorcycle Helmet

How the mortorcycle helmet has changed over time

Kyle Lemoine

on 23 September 2011

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Transcript of Evolution of the Motorcycle Helmet

The Evolution of The Motorcycle Helmet 1953 Mr. Lombard created the first motorcycle helmet. 1957 The Snell company tested the
performance of motorcycle helmets
do to many fatal injuries without
helmets. Why was the first motorcyle helmet created? Too many fatal injuries of the neck and the head even deaths Jan. 1 1961 The first mandatory helmet
law was in Austrailia. 1966 The Highway Saftey act required states to have helmet laws if they wanted to recieve funds for road maitenince and road construction. After 3 years soon after it was repealed do to the states that found the Highway Saftey act unconstitutional. 1967 The first full helmet to cover
the entire head, and face. The
helmet increased vision,
comfortability, and strenghth. 1984-1999 13.3 billion dollars were saved by the
use of helmets. When motorcyclists
don't wear helmets, and not insured it
is then payed for by taxpayer dollars. Because of the competition for the fastest bike between
Indian and Harley Davidson. You should always were your helmet they
may one day save your life. Don't wait for your face rubbing against pavement to wish you had a helmet. In most states you can't ride
without a helmet so just wear it. The evolution of the motorcycle helmet has
changed dramaticly over a short period of
time to become one of the greatest inventions. Sources www.thehistoryof.net www.motorbikehelmetshop.com www.iihs.org Today 20 states including District of Columbia have
motorcycle helmet laws. Only 27 states have some
type of law that deals with motorcycle helmets.
The last 3 states have no laws for motorcycle
helmets are Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. www.foxbusiness.com In New York there is a yearly
motorcyle helmet protest and
one year a 55 year old man died in a collision with a car, would of lived if he had a helmet. Laws Even to this day there are
states still don't have any laws for motorcycle helmets. The laws can only be enforced by the state. Mr.Snell a famous race
car driver died without a
helmet because he refused
to wear a helmet. Now the
company is ran by his family,
and now is number 1 in
performance. Created by Kyle Lemoine
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