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American Literature Heroes

Madison Buford and Darcy Downie Project 1/9

Madison Darcy

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of American Literature Heroes

Early American Heroes Madison Buford and Darcy Downie Common Traits Most early American heroes were explorers and revolutionaries. The heroes of this time were people who were courageous and brave, people who wanted to be recognized and make a difference. Early American Heroes were all ready to overcome different obstacles and achieve their challenges.
Other characteristics of an early American hero would be dedication and strong. They were dedicated to whatever they wanted to accomplish. American heroes were strong by surviving through their hardships and life challenges as a hero. Early America is the time from 1492 to 1763. This time is when America began to make itself. It began to fill with new ideas, new rules, and great new heroes. Heroes let their admirers find different meanings with the way they lived their life.
People were just starting to break free of Britain. People needed inspiration in their fight against oppression and the heroes of their time gave them that. Heroes helped the people in the colonies find courage and rise up in order to start a revolution and form America.
Heroes also made exploration seem less scary. It was very dangerous. Change is hard and the heroes made it seem less like a hard journey and more like a way to become famous and inspire awe. How they reflect their culture Examples Daniel Boone is one of the most famous explorers. Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734 and died September 26, 1820. He received education but learned to read and write from his mother. Boone was a great hunter and survivor; he started hunting at a very young age. Daniel Boone went on a military expedition as part of the French and Indian War in 1755. 1767, Boone led an expedition for the first time by himself. In 1769, he led another great expedition. He explored the wilderness of Kentucky settling an area called Boonesborough. Not only did Daniel Boone explore, he was in the French and Indian War. People looked up to Daniel Boone for his courage, bravery, and his ability to survive through hardships. Paul Revere is another very famous American Hero. He was born on January 1, 1735 and died May 10, 1818. Paul Revere was born and died in Boston. He was a colonialist that took part in the Boston Tea Party, and he played a major role in the colonies victory over the British. Paul Revere was to spy on British soldiers and their actions, making him one of the greatest American Heroes. He also dressed up as an Indian along with others and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor. If not for Paul Revere, America might never have become what it is today. Harding, Chester. Daniel Boone. 1820. Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. QuotationsBook. Web. January 20, 2013 "Paul Revere Biography" Biography. A+E Television, n.d. Web. January 20, 2013 To them, brave was someone who was willing to go out and explore new things. Also, they weren't afraid to stand up for themselves and what they believed in.
Courageous was someone who was adventurous. They were not just wanting to explore land, but also ready to face whatever life threw at them.
All of the early American heroes were also determined and confident. Whatever they were trying to reach in life, they tried their hardest with determination and confidence in themselves. "Daniel Boone Biography." Biography. A+E Television, n.d. Web. January 20, 2013 Daniel Boone Paul Revere Citations
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