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Senior project

No description

tenia gentry

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Senior project

Capital Punishment
in American Society
Tenia Gentry
Mrs. Forman-Wilson
English 4
May 12th 2010
Thesis: Although death penatly maybe the ultimate punishment capital punishment should not be acceptable in American Society. The history of capital punishment in the United States provides a means of understanding the dynamics of change and continuity.The death penalty, optional or mandatory , is invoked for "capital crime", but no unviresal definition of that term exists. Capital punishment In American Society Capital punishment was brought to these shores by the earliest colonial governments in the 17th century. In April 1996
more than three thousand people were under the death sentence in the United States. Work Cited Clarke, AlanW. and Laurelyn Whitt. The Bitter Fruit Of American Justice . Lebanon: University Press of New England, 2007 Banner, Starut The Death Penatly An American History. Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London England, 2002 Bedau, Adam Hugo, ed. The Death Penatly in America. New York : Oxford University Press Inc 1997. The Death Penalty In America Most people in 1952 through 1992 was not
going for death penatly . Most of the supporting
rates were around 80 to 70 percrcent. The violent crimes
in 1952 to 1964 the rates was around 20%. So the death penatly today
plays a completely different role in American life. Today the only crime clearly punishable by death under american law is the only crime for which anyone has been executed since 1977. Abolition of the Death Penalty
Death penalty was banned in China between
747 and 759. The Roman Republic banned capital punishment in 1849. In the United States , Michigan was the first state to ban the death penalty. The reason why it's ban from these states is because most of them call it in human and degrading punishment. Effects of Capital Punishment Most of the effects of capital punishment is explanatory.
" American citizen know almost nothing about capital punishment and if imformed about the death penalty and its liabilities would find the penalty shockingly unjust and unacceptable." Sometimes when it is all said and done not all people support capital punishment. History of Death Penalty Current Status By the late 1990s, for the first time in history,
the world's nations were almost evenly divied with respect
to capital punishment . As of 2000, 72 countries no longer authorzied the penatly of death for any crimes.The majority of countries in Africa also authorizes the death penalty. So every year in the United States juries sentences between 200 and 300 criminals to death. Conclusion The death penalty has existed throughout American history. Its continued use indicates that it has been accepted as a means of punishment for individuals convicted of the most serious crimes. I believe capital punishment should not have started in American society, because the Bible says, " Thou shall not kill." Also it should be banned because it is just cruel to hurt or want to kill someone for something they can go to jail for. Thank You !
Any Question ??????????
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