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Crazy About the Caldecott!

No description

Erin Shoudy

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of Crazy About the Caldecott!

Caldecott Medal and Caldecott Honor Books
The Caldecott Medal is named after
Randolph Caldecott. He was a very famous children's book illustrator from England.
What is the Caldecott Medal?
The Caldecott Medal is a prize given once a year to "the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children".
It looks like this:
Why do books win the Caldecott Medal?
The Caldecott Medal is given to books with illustrations that are artistically excellent, appeal to kids, and do a great job of illustrating the story.
The Caldecott Medal is very old!
It has been around since 1938. That makes it 79 years old!
Some books win the Caldecott Honor. It looks like this:
Here are some Caldecott Honor books:
The Caldecott Medal shows a man on a runaway horse. This is one of Randolph Caldecott's most famous illustrations.
Here are some Caldecott winners:
This is like winning 2nd prize.
The Caldecott Honor is given to two or three
(sometimes more) books every year that also have great illustrations!
The Caldecott Committee (librarians) uses five criteria, or rules, to help them decide
on ONE book to win the Caldecott Medal.
The members spend a whole year reading through hundreds of books!
Caldecott Medal books can look VERY different!
Will you pick this year's Caldecott winner?
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