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MWPS - Teaching and Learning

No description

Erin Harman

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of MWPS - Teaching and Learning

What is the Purpose of the day?
The aim of this day is to provide everyone with the opportunity to examine our understandings, beliefs, values and assumptions about learning and how we learn. We want to take the opportunity to actively consider and reflect upon what learning is; what it looks like, feels, like and sounds like. What sort of learning do we ultimately want our students engage in and what sort of learning do we currently engage our students in? What are the skills knowledge and understandings our students need?

We’ve been able to focus on and articulate our values, beliefs and understandings about teaching and learning. We have recognised and celebrated the effective practices of teachers and we have been able to begin to consider and understand the concept of ‘Deep Learning’ as defined within the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning project.

Teaching and Learning @ MWPS
-What difference can we make in the learning lives of our students this year?

-Are we preparing learners for their future or their past?
Can you remember the 6Cs we briefly discussed?
The 6 Competencies
Are there parallels between Cleveland Medical Clinic and Education Systems?
Cleveland Medical Clinic
MWPS - Teaching and Learning
April 13th Curriculum Day
Cognitive Load Theory
Learning in our Classrooms
So what now?
Surface Learning and Deep Learning
(Explicit Teaching and Inquiry)

Breadth vs Depth
(Broadening and Deepening Learning)

What is our Success Criteria?
Which way to Albuquerque?
How does this relate to us as teachers?
-It is a reflective tools for Teaching and Learning

-Improves our Teaching and Learning

-It's about the students and teachers together

-It creates the best learning environment
What is NPDL? What it isn't?
-It is not an 'add on'

-It is not a 'program'

-It is not finite

-It is not an Inquiry Model
Some days?
Ever felt like this?

As a teacher? or student?

Reflect: What positive/negative experiences have you had as a teacher or student?
Deep Learning?
C - Critical Thinking

C - Citizenship

C - Creativity

C - Collaboration

C - Character

C - Communication
Surface and Deep Learning
***Students Need Surface AND Deep Learning***

-It is wrong to assume that teaching facts and knowledge is bad.

-Deep learning is not an alternative to surface learning.

-Deep learning builds upon the facts that your students already know. The more they know, the deeper their understanding will be. Their knowledge base provides the foundation upon which deeper understanding depends.

-Teachers need to explicitly teach thinking strategies.
This involves explaining and modelling the strategy (show & tell), guiding students as they practice the strategy and developing fluency through independent practice.

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