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Technological Innovations of WW1

No description

aneysa jenson

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Technological Innovations of WW1

Technological Innovations of WW1 Transportation
Technological Innovations of WW1 Transportation Communication Medicine Warfare Communication played a big role in WW1. It was one of the most important aspects to surviving and knowing when and where to attack. Yet, it also endangered people at times.
1.)Being able to communicate with fellow soldiers or other countries
1.)Took quite a long time to get back and forth and not always the best transmission like for radios
2.)Fullerphone By: Aneysa Jenson Transportation was a major part of battle in WW1, without it people were subject to whatever their "enemies" had in store for them.
1.)Being able to get from place to place quicker than walking
3.)planes Without medicine during WW1 many more soldiers would have died then had already, it was a big necessity.
1.)Being able to save soldiers lives
1.)Very unstable and not as safe as today
1.)Amputation Warfare basically was WW1. It involved all the tactics that the countries used in fighting and hiding.
1.)Having many different ways to protect and harm others.
1.)Many different countries used the same tactics therefore they knew what to do and how to get around it
1.)Trench warfare Interesting facts about WW1: 1.)First known use of chemical weapons
2.)The Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand has been blamed as the catalyst for WW1
3.)In WW1, American military leaders wore French gas masks because the American designs were fatally flawed in some cases
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