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Morgan Hughes

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Jennifer Scott

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Morgan Hughes

Deep And Dark
And Dangerous By Mary Downing Hahn Setting Sacramore Lake Ali's house Dulcie's friend's house Characters Ali
Ali's Mom
Ali's Dad
Sissy Problem Ali goes to a log house to babysit her cousin for her aunt, Dulcie. And a mean girl named Sissy trys to make her summer miserable Event one Ali's Moms does NOT
want Ali to go to that
log cabin because
something bad happend
to her mom there. Event Two Ali meets a mean girl
named Sissy and sissy
trys everything she
can to make Ali's
summer horrible Event Three Sissy trys to drown Emma to scare Ali Resolution Ali finally figures out whats
wrong with Sissy and helps
her. Now their friends. Thanks!! :)
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