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Chemistry Digital Portfolio

Grade 11 Chemistry Summative!

Chantelle Mulveney

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Chemistry Digital Portfolio

SCH 3U0 - Digital Portfolio
Grade 11 University Chemistry
1. Matter, Chemical Trends, and Chemical Bonding
2. Chemical Reactions
3.Quantities in Chemical Reactions
4.Solutions and Solubility
5.Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry
Unit 1: Matter, Chemical Trends, and Chemical Bonding
"Every element has predictable chemical and physical properties determined by its structure. The type of chemical bond in a compound determines the physical and chemical properties of that compound.
It is important to use chemicals properly to minimize the risks to human health and the environment." - Course Outline
Chemical Trends: Inquiry Based Learning Groups
Polyatomic Ions Lewis Structures.
Unit 2: Chemical Reactions
"Chemicals react in predictable ways.
Chemical reactions and their applications have significant implications for society and the environment. " -Course Outline
Functional Groups
Predicting Displacement Reactions Lab
During class we conducted research about chemical trends in our inquiry based learning groups. I chose this activity to be in my portfolio because having knowledge of these trends will help us tremendously within not only grade 11 chemistry, but onwards as well as these trends help explain why each element reacts the way it does with other elements. Also, this activity allowed me to enhance my collaboration skills because I worked with my partner, and we collaborated to decide who would research about each area of the topic and share our ideas with one another. We also collaborated when we were unsure whether or not we would present to the class and spoke with one another to decide who would speak about each factor, and how to explain it.
For homework one night, we were assigned a sheet where we needed to draw the Lewis structures of some polyatomic ions. I chose to put this into my portfolio because I found this to be quite challenging at first; however I continued to practice, and try, and ask for help, and I eventually understood it. Also, I feel as if these structures will be important for later use in my chemistry career for grade 11 itself, and onwards as the structures of these elements will affect how they react. Lastly, this homework assignment allowed me to demonstrate and enhance my problem solving skills as I continued to analysis the problem and attempt new ways of solving it, and reflect back on my mistakes to help ensure that at the end I solved each of the questions correctly.
Chantelle Mulveney
One day, I had been absent. It was the week of the test and I missed the lesson on functional groups so I had to get the notes from a friend. I chose to put this into my digital portfolio because when I tried to study them, they would just not stick. I had a lot of difficulty memorizing them for the test. I got worried on account of this and continued to find new ways of memorizing them. I checked google, but I had no luck. Eventually, I put my critical thinking skills to the test, and used them to help me analyze patterns in the functional groups, and ended up having them memorized in time for the test.
Amide, Aldehyde, Ketone, & Carboxylic Acid:
Amide: N= Ketone: C=
Aldehyde: H= Carboxylic Acid: OH=
Ether: Spelt almost like either,

Ester: Uses Ether in place of the brain above.
5. Ami
Lastly, I had already known Alkene, and Alkyne's because of the classes prior.
One exercise I did to help memorize them, involved matching the name to the group
I also did the mastery tests numerous times for practice
On March 28th, we had an in-class lab; this lab was called the Predicting Displacement Reactions lab. While participating in this lab, I continuously had an uneasy feeling, because I was a bit confused about the activity series part. I included this in my digital portfolio because knowing how chemicals react is one of the most important concepts in chemistry and will definitely be knowledge that I need in my future chemistry classes, and any chemical work that I partake in. Also, after receiving the marked lab back, I was quite upset with myself. So I studied, and studied, one way I did this was by doing the mastery test over, and over, and over again until I knew I completely understood the concepts. This experience also helped develop, and put to work my digital fluency skills as I utilized the computer repetitively for completely mastery tests and watching online videos to enforce the content I had been taught. When I received my test back, I was quite happy to see that I had definitely improved in this area.
This however will aid me in the future as now I am not likely to make the same mistake; it also reinforced the importance of attending class, and getting clarification on subjects you missed.
When I received my test back, I was quite surprised to see that although I had memorized these patterns that I discovered, they were incorrect. It turns out that I had been mislead by the notes on the actual important parts of the functional groups, in this case the part that I had to circle.
Now, this would have been the end of this entry...
Unit 3: Quantities in Chemical Reactions
"Relationships in a chemical reaction that can be described quantitatively.
The efficiency of chemical reactions can be determined and optimized by applying an understanding of the quantitative relationships in such reactions." - Course Outline
Percentage Yield Labs
During this unit, we did two experiments with percentage yield, the first being to gain an idea of what percentage yield is, and the second was to see how changing a variable would affect the experiment. I chose to put this into my digital portfolio because in the first experiment, my partner tried to rush the experiment along and ended up causing us to have to redo the experiment, thus I have definitely been taught that when doing certain experiments, it is important to have patience if you want to see accurate results, and this lesson will aid me with many experiments in the future I am sure as when I begin t get impatient I will think back to this. Also, percentage yield is a good tool to use as well if you have knowledge as to the approximate percentage yield expected to inform the chemist, or person performing the experiment if they are performing the experiment well or not, and if I happen to have knowledge prior to an experiment of the expected percentage yield I will most likely check this to see how well I did. Lastly, this lab allowed me to demonstrate my creativity skills as we were required to come up with a variable for the second part in order to see what role that particular variable played in the experiment and whether or not it would affect the percentage yield of the lab. Not only was choosing the variable a demonstration of my creativity, but I was also the first person in the class to think of a variable but unfortunately I said it allowed and thus it was stolen so I had t ocome up with multiple other variables as well.
Solutions and Solubility
"Properties of solutions can be described quantitatively and can be predicted. Living things depend for their survival on the unique physical and chemical properties of water. People have a responsibility to protect the integrity of Earth's water resources. " - Course Outline
Solubility & Ionic Equations Inquiry Based Learning Presentation
On May 10th, 2013 in Chemistry class, we were working on what was told to us to be one of the most difficult Inquiry Based Learning Presentations yet, and having never presented yet, I was quite nervous and hoping that I would not get selected to do this presentation, however my luck ran out, and I had to do my first presentation this day. I chose to put this into my digital portfolio as presentations are a large part of life, whether it be a classroom assignment like this one, or a work presentation to a board of directors. Nonetheless, it is important to practice presenting as presentational skills play a large role in the lives of many individuals. Also, this presentation allowed me to demonstrate and work on my leadership skills as my group (Jayde, Prem and I) all worked together and lead the class through the lesson by guiding them through the steps to solving the given question, and teaching them the general vocabulary, and knowledge (such as net ionic equations) that the question dealt with.
YouTube Mondays - Solutions and Molar Concentration
One day, in chemistry class, Neha and I were selected by the fruit machine to do the YouTube Mondays assignment. I was quite glad that I was selected as I felt like I knew the topic quite well. I chose to put this into my digital portfolio as this assignment, although it seems straight forward and simple actually required a lot of planning and a lot more time compared to the time I thought it would have taken us to do it, and from this assignment, one lesson I definitely learned was that you shouldn't plan assignments or work on a definite timed schedule for last minute. Although this was not the case with this assignment, as well as a second assignment I had planned to work on that weekend, if it had been I would have suffered a lot as I was unable to work on the other assignment very much. Also, this assignment allowed me to try to use my innovation skills, and develop them as although I often am a very bureaucratic person, this assignment forced us to think of new ways of doing our presentation so that it would be unique from all of the other presentations. An innovative piece I think that we added to the assignment was by displaying pictures of three different solutions and asking the students to guess which type of solution each of them was, this is because although it was a question, compared to most of the other assignments it was a little more unique, and we got the message across in a different way.
Reflection Part 2
Also, I believe that this assignment was quite important and was worthy of being added to my digital portfolio as it acted as a test to see whether or not the student(s) in my case, Neha and myself, truly knew the subject matter, as we were forced to teach it briefly to the class. This assignment was quite intriguing because it really taught me a lot, not of the subject matter but personal lessons that will help me in my future in and outside the classroom, for example the lesson stated in the first reflection piece on this assignment. Also, this assignment was intriguing because it caused us to practice and develop many skills that we may already have or not have but will play a large role in out lives for example innovation which is explained more in the previous reflection, but also it allowed us to demonstrated our communication skills and develop our digital fluency skills. This assignment allowed us to demonstrate our communication skills quite obviously, as we had to communicate our understanding and knowledge of the topic to the students in a way that would be easy to understand, and in depth enough to give them a solid understanding of the subject matter. Also, this assignment allowed us to demonstrate our digital fluency skills as we worked with powerpoint 2010 which I personally did not use prior to this assignment, therefore it was not only a new program that I needed to learn to use but we also had to learn how to input recordings of our voice into the presentation correctly so that the timing would be appropriate for the slide, and lastly, we also had to learn how to convert a powerpoint presentation into a video so that we would be able to upload it to YouTube. Therefore, there are many reasons why I chose to put this specific presentation into my digital portfolio.
Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry
"Properties of a gas can be described qualitatively, and quantitatively, and can be predicted. Air quality can be affected by human activities and technology. People have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the Earth's atmosphere." - Course Outline
Mole Ratio Lab
In chemistry class one day, we performed a lab called the "Mole Ratio" lab. Although shortly before performing this lab we did some quick work to get to know probes and how to use them, I decided to put this entry into my digital portfolio as it strengthened my digital fluency skills as I began to get a deeper understanding of probes, and logger pro which at this point and time were completely new to me besides the short exercise before hand, and now due to the many labs we perform in chemistry I have quite a through understanding of probes, and logger pro. Also, I decided to put this lab into my digital portfolio as in my future throughout chemistry I will have to learn, and adapt to new technologies, similar to the way I had to for this lab; and I may even be required to use probes and logger pro again and from this lab, my knowledge and understanding of these technologies have grown and thus I am capable of using them in other labs in the future.
Boyle's Law Flipped Lesson
YouTube Lab: Charles's Law Lab
On the day of the Charles' Law Lab, Neha, Maryam, and I were working together on our YouTube lab. Unfortunately our camera ended up dying, so we had to come in after school on Friday. I chose to put this experience in my digital portfolio because it required us to effectively communicate the experiment to the camera, thus I strengthened my communication skills from this experience. Also, I believe that this experience was very beneficial to me because in the future I will have to be able to communicate procedures or directions to people like I did in this video. Lastly, I have been given advice to look into the research field so if I do go into the research field I may would need to record videos of my experiments and if so that would mean that this lab provided me with experience and advice on how to improve as well as what my strong suits are. Overall this experience also taught me that I should also always remember to bring a back-up or have a back-up plan in case of scenarios like having our camera die on us. Although I have always been told this, there has never really been any reason for me to need a back-up as things tend to workout for me however hopefully from this experience I will remember this lesson from now on and incorporate it into my future both in and outside of school.
When we first began the gases and atmospheric chemistry unit we were told that we would be doing flipped lessons. The first flipped lesson that we did was the Boyle's Law flipped lesson, it consisted of a YouTube tutorial and a few practice questions at the end. I decided to include this in my digital portfolio because at first I found them to be quite challenging because you are unable to ask questions at the time that you are learning the material, however as time progressed they got easier and I adapted more to the style of the lesson. The second reason why I put this into my digital portfolio is because it shows my innovation skills as I was learning through a new, innovative medium. Having multiple different mediums to learn from throughout this course such as flipped lessons not only kept the course from feeling repetitive but I also believe it will aid me throughout my future in general as many different teachers and employers have different styles of doing the same things and we are required to learn to adapt to new mediums thus I believe that the flipped lessons have helped prepare me for the future and strengthened my innovative leaning skills.
Hope you enjoyed my digital portfolio.
Thank You For Your Time
Have a great summer!
Our YouTube lab, by Neha, Maryam, and Chantelle
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