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Cue For Treason

No description

Matthew Rempel

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Cue For Treason

Sir Francis Bacon
Sir Francis Bacon was a Lawyer, Statesman, Scientist, Historian and Cryptologist. He was one of the leading figures in natural philosophy and the field of scientific methodology. He is known for creating the Baconian method, a scientific method investigating phenomenons in nature. He marked a new turn in framework for science. He was also an enthusiastic writer, he perfected the art of the essay and wrote many famous pieces. They were published following his death. He was a hard working, ambitious man that helped lay the foundation of physical and moral sciences. Cue For Treason Matthew Rempel V llains Most Evil Least Evil Sir Philip Morton is a self-righteous man, who only cares for himself. He is a landlord, abusing his power to steal land from honest villagers. He steps on people to get what he wants. But it isn’t enough, he wants more power. He plans to wed young Kit Kirkstone in a forced marriage in order to obtain her tremendous inheritance. Following her escape, he devises a new scheme. He conspires an attack on the queen to overthrow the government and obtain more control. This power hungry egomaniac will never stop until the full world is under his control. He has no sense of fulfillment, the more power he has, the more he wants. He lives a deceitful, unhappy life full of trickery and betrayal. He doesn’t care who gets hurt in the way. As long as he gets what he wants, he is content. Anthony Duncan is an accomplice of Sir Phillip Morton and helps carry out the assassination. Although his actions are wrong, his personality is gentle and caring. While watching over Peter on the island, he makes sure as not to hurt him. He treats him with care and makes sure he is comfortable, a strange action while holding him captive. It is a mystery why he agreed to be part of this evil plan, seeing as his personality is of the contrary. Despite the fact he must have reasoning for his endeavors, he is no better than any of the other conspirers. To take part in such an criminal offense shows immoral and villainous character. He wasn’t evil, just persuadable. Sir David Vicar is otherwise known as “The Yellow Gentleman.” At first, Peter thinks he is just an innocent local. After asking Peter to look at Shakespeare’s script, he sets off, insisting he will return it tomorrow. The day comes and he is not there to return it. He is a common thief, with a plan to steal the script and commence the play before the other troupe. Evil is taken to a whole new level when it is revealed that he is one of the leaders that first thought of the treason. He has an ice cold heart combined with a hot temper. His dishonest and cruel behavior is what makes him a sad man without a soul, he is empty. Conflicts Person vs Person

Peter is hidden behind a hill when he sees Sir Phillip Morton riding along on his horse. He makes a crucial decision to throw a rock as he passes by. The rock misses its target by a mere inches and Sir Phillip Morton isn’t pleased. Upon finding Peter’s hat, he is determined to find him and charge him for his criminal offense. Peter escapes the town, only to be followed by his enemy.
Things turn for the worst when Peter discovers Morton’s evil plan of treason. He fears the future of England and vows not to let the plan take place. Person vs Nature

Peter is captured by Sir Phillip Morton and is placed on an island. It is surrounded by rushing water. Peter attempts to escape but is abruptly stopped when a storm approaches. The gray sky disappears as clouds come into view and begin to cry rain. The wind strengthens, causing the trees to sway back and forth. Ripples form in the water, getting bigger and bigger as time passes. They turn to violent waves, leaping out of the water and crashing below. The waters are too rough to cross, he fears getting swept away from the undertow. Peter is trapped, escape is impossible. Person vs Self

Kit is a young lady, running away from marriage. She disguises herself as a boy to conceal her identity. She has a strong, courageous personality and takes pride in helping Peter with his journey. If her identity is revealed, her journey ends. Females weren’t thought of as brave heroes of tough fighters, they were viewed stereotypically as a traditional women who cook and clean. Each move must be made with extreme care. She has to hide her feminine personality to fully portray a male. She has to fight her instincts if she wants her secret hidden. Person vs Society

Peter and Kit know a great secret, something that will change the world. They are desperate to tell someone of their knowing. After discovering a local magistrate is part of the treacherous plan, they realize they can’t trust anyone. The authority was something they thought could help them but instead of resolving the problem, they made it worse. They feel like nobody is on their side; the authority, locals, troupe members. Who was there to trust? They can’t rely on anyone but themselves. They held extremely important knowledge but not a soul to tell it to, it was too much of a risk. Their only choice is to go to London and stop it themselves. Courageous Acts By Peter By Kit By Both Sir Philip Morton treats the villagers terribly. One day, they all set out on a mission to break his wall, a symbol of rebellion. Peter is standing nearby, on watch for Morton. He begins to hear horse trots and slowly sees Morton come into view on the horizon. He quickly hides behind a nearby hill, overlooking his path. He is getting closer and closer, Peter doesn’t know how to react. They are now right beneath him, Peter takes a nearby rock and throws it in Morton’s direction-only to have it miss by inches. Peter doesn’t care about the consequences, he does something brave and courageous to take a stand against the evil men. It’s been hours. Tom isn’t coming from the peel. Peter alerts his ears for any sound coming from the tower, but there is none. He can’t wait anymore, he thirsts for the knowledge of whats inside. He crawls out from under his hiding spot and walks up to the entrance. He looks into the blackness, he fears the unknown. He wonders the horrible fate of Tom. He wonders if his fate will be the same. He puts his fears aside and takes action. His fingers press the door and he pushes it open. Kit is arranged into a forced marriage. Her groom-to-be is Sir Phillip Morton. But he doesn’t want to get married for love, he is only interested in her tremendous inheritance. Kit doesn’t want his evil man in her life. She runs away from marriage, no destination in mind, she just runs. This act shows her true bravery and courage. She doesn’t let him take advantage of her, she stands her ground. She takes a big risk in order to assert her independence, everywhere around her is foreign. She has to find another life, where she can be free, no boundaries. Kit and Peter know important knowledge. There is a treason about to happen in the coming hours, they feel alone and helpless. They don’t know who to tell. They stumble upon a local magistrate and tell him on their findings. He walks over to the bell-chord, ready to pull it. Suddenly, Kit takes out a pistol and aims it at his head. She pieces all the clues together, he was apart of the treason all along. He had no reason to pull the bell-chord. Kit shows valor and fearlessness as she attempts to overpower someone not only older but in a higher authority. He has a major advantage over her, but she makes a bold statement. Their journey will last days. Kit and Peter have to travel to London to prevent the royal assassination. Their trip wouldn’t be easy. Morton’s men were everywhere and nowhere was safe. They could be captured at any moment, they didn’t know who to trust. They were following a path of villains, thieves, conspirers and murderers. To do something so risky and honorable shows courageous and brave behaviour for both Peter and Kit. Greatest Escapes Kit’s Escape From Marriage
Kit is in a planned marriage, forced to marry the evil Sir Phillip Morton. He is only interested her luxurious inheritance. She refuses to let him have his way. One night, she disappears out of her bed, never to be found. She escapes from her marriage. Because she is “gone” there is certainly no way she will be forced to marry Sir Phillip Morton. Nobody will be able to find her. She travels to foreign land, where she can live life however she wants to live it. Peter Throws the Rock
As a sign of revolution, Peter throws a large stone, aimed at Sir Phillip Morton. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hit the target. Upon finding his green hat, Morton and his men search the town for the “unruly” boy. Peter fears prosecution, he knows the town isn’t safe. Along with his family’s help, he packs and bags and vacates the area. He must be quick, he could be discovered at any moment. After hours of tiring, lengthly travel, he arrives at a new town. This is where he hopes to stay. Little does he know, Sir Phillip Morton is on a rampant search to find Peter. He will travel all around Europe if he has to, the search isn’t over. The Magistrate’s House
Peter and Kit know of the queen’s treason. They are on a desperate search to alert someone of their knowledge. Upon entering a town, they make the decision to tell the district magistrate. They enter his substantial home to tell him their story. They fill him in on every last detail, he responds with astonishment. Their story finally concludes and the magistrate walks over to the bell chord. Suddenly, Kit takes out her pistol and points it at him. She threatens to shoot him if he touches the bell chord. She realizes that he is part of the treason. They must be expeditious if they want to escape. They climb out one of his windows, reaching the ground. They hurry out of the city, not before taking his prized horses with them. Peter’s House
On the run from Sir Phillip Morton, Peter and Kit take refuge at Peter’s House in Cumberland. It isn’t soon before he comes knocking at their door. Peter’s dad slams it in his face, refusing to let him in. This only makes Morton more suspicious. Along with his men, he attempts to break in to the house using a log. Peter and Kit quickly barricade all the doors but they know it won’t last long. They have to get out of the house as soon as they can, Morton is almost inside. Their crisis is solved when Peter discovers a small window. the only problem is; it’s tiny. With time running out, Peter and Kit squeeze through the opening. They finally reach outside. They use this time to run away from the house. The Fells
After escaping the island, Peter comes across Sir Phillip Morton and his men. This leads to an intense chase across the fells. Peter is running as fast as he can, the two men are following closely behind. The slope he was running on, turned into a cliff overlooking the area. It was a dead end. Peter saw the men coming nearer, one on each side. There was no escape. Peter ducked behind a nearby hill. He launched himself at the man when he approached, twisting his leg sideways. The man stumbled, right on the edge of the cliff. He dropped into the clouds below. The other man retreated, consumed by fear. Peter fled the scene. Most Suspenseful Least Suspenseful Additional Heroes Least Heroic Most Heroic Tom Boyd is a spy, working for the secret service. He expresses a great amount of enthusiasm to travel with Kit and Peter. Their objective is to travel to the peel and decipher why the evil men plan to meet there. They wait for days, and nothing seems to happen. Tom takes charge and sets a plan in motion. In a selfless act, he request Kit and Peter wait outside while he goes into the peel. He doesn’t want them to get scared or hurt. He pushes the door and it creaks open. He looks into the darkness ahead, and disappears inside. He doesn’t let fear get the best of him, he takes control of the situation. He shows a high degree of heroism and courage, he doesn’t hide from the situation, he takes charge and does what needs to be done. A true hero puts himself in danger over others. Peter’s Dad is a villager in the town of Cumberland. He is a strong, independent man. Sir Phillip Morton is a wicked man, who steals land from the city folk. Peter’s dad doesn’t let Morton take advantage of him. He takes part in a rebellion. One night, all the angry villagers walk to Morton’s wall. They tear it down, a sign of dignity.
Another instance, showing his heroism is when Peter takes refuge in his home, while running away from Morton. Time passes and Morton comes knocking at their door. He refuses to let him inside and slams the door in his face. He proceeds to block every entrance, disabling him from getting inside. He doesn’t fear Sir Phillip Morton, a man with more money and power. He isn’t intimidated by him. He has a strong desire for doing what’s right, he rebels against Morton. A true hero stands for what he believes in. Mr. Desmond is the leader of the theater troupe. They travel around Europe, performing plays to earn some money. Upon finding Peter, he lets him join the troupe! He could’ve asked him to leave, the troupe was near-full. But he didn’t. He takes Peter under his wing when he needs it the most. He provides him with money, food and a home. He treats Peter with compassion, kindness and respect. His actions are something to be admired. He shows selfless values, a rare and inspiring quality. A true hero doesn’t need to defeat the villain or save the world. A true hero is someone who goes out of their way to help someone else. Historical Characters Shakespeare
Shakespeare was an english poet and playwright. He worked for the London Theatre World, making an honest living. In his lifetime, he wrote 154 sonnets, 38 plays and 2 narratives. Following his death in 1623, his first folio was published, capturing the attention of many. Today, he remains one of the finest poets in history, his scripts are world-renowned. His plays have been translated into every major living language in the world and are performed more often than any other playwright. Although he lived a long time ago, he still has a great influence on literature and culture in modern society. Sir Robert Cecil
Sir Robert Cecil had a spectacular political career. After his education, at St. John’s college in Cambridge, he achieved great things. He became 1st Earl of Salisbury, Secretary of State and Treasurer to James I of England. For most of his working life, he served as spymaster for King James. He is famous for his brilliant mind and acting as the Senior Statesman to both Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. He lived a hectic life, full of many important duties. Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I was Queen regnant of Northern Europe from 1558 until her death. She has been recognized as the greatest monarch of England. The Elizabethan era is referred to as The Golden Age. She achieved an excellent reputation as a fair and wise ruler, who was loved by her people. There were great advances in literacy and the arts, many great poets emerged during her era. Her reign also, saw significant expansion overseas. She lead England as a woman, in a man’s world, and she did it with courage and dignity. Shakespeare Shakespeare was a brilliant man, ideas seemed to ooze out of his brain. He was constantly writing or rehearsing plays, his imagination was endless. He was a creative genius. He worked closely with his actors. He made sure they understood the characters and how they portrayed their emotions. Everything had to be perfect. His fame blew out of proportion following his death. Back then, not everywhere viewed Shakespeare as the legendary poet we view him as today. He wasn’t rich and famous, just an honest man trying to make a living. He was hard working. Great amount of detail and work went into his plays. He made sure they were of excellent quality. His plays were top-notch. Due to its outstanding quality, Shakespeare's plays were not only viewed by thousands, but highly anticipated by many. The Elizabethan theater was his home, he worked there all his life. He would bring in a new script and the crew would rehearse it right away. They helped it become reality. He was working on a new play, “Henry V” to be performed in front of the queen. Settings The Peel
This is where Sir Phillip Morton and his crew plot their evil crime. They organize secret meetings in the night when no one is awake. The peel is one of the most dramatic settings in the plot. A lonely tower, surrounded by nothingness, no windows letting you see inside, its mysterious. From the outside, it’s just another old, abandoned building but from the inside it’s a place of maniacal evil. It is an excellent representation of the characters. They come across as friendly and trustworthy but nobody knows of the darkness inside; what they’re thinking and their true intentions. Peter makes the life-changing decision to enter this place of secrets and danger, wondering what could possibly be inside. The Theatre
This is where all the magic happens. Every day, Kit and Peter read over and recite lengthy scripts, acting out their part. It’s their home. This grand theatre is built with an enormous seating area, fit for thousands. A large stage is below, where the onlookers can all see. It’s extraordinary. This setting is the home of the most intense moment in the book. The theatre is where the assassination is to take place. During the showing of “Henry V”, Jon Somers is to shoot Queen Elizabeth. His cue, a cannon shot. No one in the audience will be able to hear the gun, the sound will be drowned out by the loud booming of the cannon. This setting is chose for its theatric feel. One of the most villainous crimes is to be committed with thousands of people in the area. They are unaware of what is to happen, unable to save her. The cue for treason was carefully thought out and greatly intensified the novel. The fells
This is where the greatest chase scene takes place. Morton’s men are coming after Peter. He has to run as fast as her can to escape. The chase leads him to the fells. They are full of twists and turns, you never know what to expect. Peter’s path leads to a large cliff, looking over Britain. One man is coming from one side, one man coming from the other. Peter has no chance to escape. I felt the setting was a perfect fit, due to its imagery. High above the clouds, a rocky terrain covering the ground, jagged cliffs at every turn, leading to demise. The setting makes the scene more interesting, I could vividly imagine it in my mind. It was dramatic and scenic. Themes It is important to help others despite risk of yourself
Peter and Kit are very selfless people. Their actions portray thoughtfulness and compassion. They are willing to put themselves through great danger in order to save Britain. They endure a long, dangerous trek through Northern Europe to tell someone of the treason. They are being watched by schemers, not wanting their plan to be revealed. Kit and Peter fear being captured or slayed at any moment. The risk they take to save everyone is enormous. But in the end, Kit and Peter persevere, they make it through their long journey and save the queen. It shows that selflessness behavior is rewarded in the end. They protected Europe from Sir Phillip Morton’s evil deed and kept the queen alive. Bravery, noble ideals and heroism inspire us and raise our spirits
The story told of Kit and Peter is inspiring and miraculous. The two young kids are spectacular. The town of Cumberland was a dark, dismal place. Their landlord was taking all of their land and was treating them miserably. Light shined in on the town when Sir Phillip Morton was defeated. It raised everyones spirits, the world didn’t seem like such a bad place. When you look at Kit and Peter, you imagine them as role models. You feel you can inherit their bravery and courage. You feel you can do something spectacular and fearless. Their heroic, brave, noble attitude inspires everyone around them, not to mention the readers. If two young kids can save the queen, imagine what we can all do. Good will always triumph in the end
Sir Phillip Morton was a terrible man who only thought of himself. Kit and Peter were young kids, both kind, honest and brave. The lines were clearly drawn between good and evil. The story is simple. Morton had an evil plan plan in place, his team was to assassinate the queen during the showing of “Henry V.” Kit and Peter had the odds against them; countless men against two kids. With hard work and courage, the plan was ceased. In the end, Kit and Peter lived a long happy life, no limits. Sir Phillip and his men were put behind bars with no chance of liberty. They would forever rot in prison. Kit and Peter triumphed in the end. Good won over evil. 5 4 3 2 1 Mind Map
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