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Ungifted Book Report

This is my submittion for my book report, Ms. Ragland. I hope you like it.

JT Spurgeon

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Ungifted Book Report

Gordan's Source
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"The Big Beginning"
The characters of this book are:
Donovan Curtis: An ungifted troublemaker
Dr. Schultz: A superintendent
The David Twins: Twins who get Donovan in trouble
Chloe Garfinkle: A smart kid who knew Donovan was ungifted from the start
Noah Youkilis: A shy know-it-all kid
Abigail Lee: Another know-it-all
Dr. Osborne, or "Oz": A teacher who has faith in Donovan

(There are tons of sidebar characters too but this text is too big to write them all in.)
The Middle of the Story
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"The Exciting Middle Part"
After pulling a major prank that damages the school, Donavon Curtis is in hot water with the school. Only one problem: He was supposed to be in trouble, but due to a mix-up done by the superintendent, he was sent to a school for GIFTED children. Donovan is one of the most ungifted kids you'll ever meet, but when he gets to the Academy, he meets a bunch of kids who need help with other things beside schooling, and when Donovan comes to help, one thing leads to the next, shaping the school and his life forever.
Book Written By
Gordan Korman
Shared a Photo
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By Justin Spurgeon
Ungifted Book Report
(This is the cover title)

I'm sorry I couldn't add more pictures, google had no pictures on characters in Ungifted, and I'm not that good at drawing. D:
The Author, Gordan Korman
Donovan Curtis was a young boy who was always getting himself into trouble. One day, after a really bad speech he made over the school's intercom, he got put in detention. 2 boys, David Nussbaum and David Sanderson get him out of detention by sneaking him out of the classroom. On the way, he sees an Atlas statue and smacks it with a hard branch, causing the "World" to fall off and roll its way into the school's gym, destroying everything in the process. The superintendent sees Donovan and sends him in for questioning. But, in the process, he makes a mistake and plants his name on the GIFTED list! Now, Donovan, he is nowhere near gifted. But when he recieves the letter to join the "Academy", he goes anyway to not make his parents sad. And along the way, he meets a bunch of smart kids at the school who need all the help they can get trying to get out of the Academy. It ultimately ends up shaping his and the classmates lives' forever, all starting with the one question: "What is the robot's name?"
When Donovan enters the school, he enters a class taught by "Dr. Osborne", or as he prefers to be called, "Oz". He breaks a robot's arm and names it "Tin Man", much to the dismay of smarty-pants Abigail Lee. Then, he becomes friends with the students and teaches them stuff they never knew about, like YouTube. The valentine dance is coming up, and they are trying really hard to do it. And along the way, the students might be sent to summer school, if they can't find a "Human Growth and Development" teacher. Donovan chooses his sister to be the teacher, much to the dismay of her. Then, the students post a viral video and enter a robot competition and get disqualified. The superintendent finds Donovan and sends him back to Hardcastle Middle, only for Chloe to go looking for him to tell him how she feels. Then, Donovan's sister had a baby and the dog they were watching had a baby and everything turned out pretty good for Donovan. But, he knows something will come back to blow up in his face. You don't have to be gifted to know that.
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